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This project was successfully funded on January 30, 2017

"Backline" - Paul Speidel Band's New Live CD of Original and Improvised Music

by Paul Speidel


"Paul Speidel's guitar playing is impressive.  He manages to mix blues and jazz and funk naturally and effortlessly. The band is tight and the songs are strong.  If you haven't seen Paul, you're missing out on something special right here in Boston!" -Dana Marshall (DJ/Program Manager, WXRV 92.5-FM The River)

“Love it!  One of the finest guitarists out there…So great having you on the show.  You’re terrific!”  -Jordan Rich (WBZ-1030, Boston)

"Led by sizzling electric blues guitarist Speidel, this ensemble takes the stage...with a melding of blues, rock, jazz and Latin flavors."  -Boston Magazine's "Go-To Guide" 

We are a Boston-based Blues & Jazz Group, and “Backline” is our project to record an upcoming local performance and release it as a professionally-produced full-length CD.  We are asking for your help to fund this project to completion.  With the decline of commercial recordings and fewer venues, we believe the future for creative artists in our society is through direct interaction with audiences through non-profit organizations.  When Hatchfund expressed an interest in our project, it was a perfect fit with this concept.  Their crowdfunding platform is non-profit, and 100% of your contributions are tax-exempt.  We’re asking you to join us today in the production of “Backline” with your tax-deductible donation.

Who is the Paul Speidel Band? 

The Paul Speidel Band [] is the voice for the original compositions of veteran guitarist and composer Paul Speidel [].  These compositions provide the basis for each musician in the band to improvise, taking inspiration from the arrangement and adding personal expression in the moment.  This unique emphasis on group interaction is a style the band developed over twenty years, as they performed everywhere from corner bars and coffeehouse gigs on up to the main stages of prominent New England-area music festivals.

The band’s sound falls somewhere between Jazz and Blues, with strong Funk, Latin and Rock inflections mixed in.  Add in the live element of the audience--an essential, but often overlooked influence on music--and you have a unique combination of elements which serve to create something very special!

Paul Speidel—With two degrees in Music (including Composition), Paul’s experience as a Guitarist includes appearances with Artists as diverse as Patti Page, Jay Geils, Duke Robillard, James Montgomery and local Blues legend, Shirley Lewis. 

Brendan ByrnesDrummer for the original tribute band, “Crystal Ship”, playing exclusively Doors music before tribute bands were a “thing”, Brendan received his training at Berklee.  He has played with members of Paul Simon’s and Ricky Martin’s bands and other major artists.

Ed Lucie—Perhaps the most widely-traveled of the group, this pro Bassist has performed and recorded with such legends as Buddy Rich, Stevie Wonder and Warren Haynes of the Allman Brothers. 

Read the full Paul Speidel Band story here [].


What is “Backline”?

In the music industry, the term “Backline” typically refers to the instruments and sound gear provided for a touring band by an event producer, i.e. the drum kit, bass amp, guitar amp, etc.  This new recording project is all about the members of the band who use the “Backline” gear—not a singer, not a horn player or even a high-tech guitar god…just the Drums, the Bass and the Guitar.  It’s all about what those guys bring to the table (“give the band some!”).  This is what makes this project unique; it’s original, instrumental and improvisation-oriented.  This music will not appeal to fans of Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber, but rather to the folks who listen closely to the music, who want to hear the conversations going on inside the musical arrangements.  And, with the years of experience in this band, it’s worth eavesdropping!

Begun five years ago with recorded shows at Johnny D's, the Blues-n-Brews Festival and the Bull Run, the “Backline” project has continued move forward slowly, waiting until the time was right to complete.  This year, Hatchfund came along out of the blue and offered to host this project—and on a tax-exempt basis, no less!  A literal answer to prayer--now that both live and recorded music are losing commercial support-- the timing couldn’t be more perfect for a non-profit partner.

The goal of this live CD is to capture the energy and intuition at work on stage…“listening in on the conversation” of the musicians.  With original compositions designed to leave enough space for the band to breathe, spontaneous ideas are allowed entry and encouraged to develop and flow back-and-forth.  A live CD like “Backline” can capture this creative process, if you will, and give permanence to a moment in time. 

About Hatchfund

Most importantly, Hatchfund is a non-profit crowdfunding platform.  That means that your entire contribution to this project is tax-deductible.  Furthermore, their exclusive mission is the Arts.  Hatchfund is a curated site with Project Managers and an on-line curriculum to educate and assist Artists in funding and advocating for their creative projects.  They require all Artists be vetted and approved before supporting their project.  As a non-profit itself, Hatchfund is a 501(c)3 organization, and is supported via a requested additional 10% donation for each donor contribution to the Artist.  All administrative costs and processing fees are taken from this, and are fully tax-exempt, as well.

The Budget

Hatchfund, like several other prominent crowdfunding platforms, is all-or-nothing, which means the project must reach its goals to get funded.   This is to assure accountability on the part of the artists and ensures a sincere commitment to the success of the project.  This approach also has a proven track record for creating decisive participation by the donors and confidence in where their contributions are going. 

If we meet our minimum goal of $8,500-, we’ll be able to successfully prepare for and record the project, as well as get the CDs designed and manufactured—basically, just get the project completed.  But, if we are able to reach our stretch goal of $13,230, we will be able to let people know about the music through a proper promotion and publicity outreach.  It also helps cover such costs as registering the songs with BMI, the performing rights society, so we’re credited for broadcast, etc.  (Note: the scope of the budget is for current and future efforts, and will not account for the materials and many hours already put into the project.)

  Manufacturing - $1970

  Recording/Mix Engineer - $1600

  Mastering - $1485

  Project Administration - $1500

  Equipment Conditioning - $665

  Artist Honorarium - $2000

  Rehearsal/Performance Costs - $1000

  Publicity & Promotion - $1350

  Web/Social Media/Marketing - $1000

  Performance Rights/Legal - $660


  Project Total:  $13,230

…and remember, all your donations are tax-exempt!

You are important to us!

As exciting as digital technologies are, they have forced us to find new ways to share the arts with audiences.  We need your help more than ever, not just in making music, but in getting it heard.

The idea behind a live music CD instead of a studio project is to bring attention to what it is we want to preserve.  We need to keep the experience of performed music alive in our culture.  And a recording of a strong band making challenging music at a high level will be a testament to the value of this precious real-life experience--moreso in a culture rapidly trending towards virtual realities. 

We hope you value participating in this creation of new music, and in carrying on Blues and Jazz.  We can keep these styles vibrant by injecting new musical ideas alongside the new technologies...and not just in how music is recorded and listened to, but how it is funded, as well.

Please consider making your tax-deductible donation today, and…


…from The Paul Speidel Band!


 “A huge ‘thumbs up’ to the talented Paul Speidel Band!” (Boston Blues Society)

“Speidel shines with calibrated, elevated playing that draws on his muse and on a congenital sense of what makes sense musically…Three and a half stars!” – Frank-John Hadley (Downbeat Magazine, July 2011)




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