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This project was successfully funded on February 1, 2017

Awaiting Oblivion

by Timothy Smith-Stewart


Dear friends,

It’s only three months until the premiere of Awaiting Oblivion—Temporary Solutions for surviving the dystopian future we find ourselves within at present

We need your support to raise the remaining $5000 necessary to bring this show to life.

Awaiting Oblivion...follows the story of AO, an anonymous street artist who has tasked Tim and Jeffrey with the creation of a performance as a way to share AO’s “temporary solutions” for existing within our collapsing empire. Inspired by creative processes developed by the '60’s Fluxus art movement, each “temporary solution” is a visual/textual poem contained in a Flux-kit (a cigar box collaged with stenciled imagery and typewritten letters). We follow Tim, Jeffrey, and AO in a flurry of street art, secret messages, and performance scores in a poetic, radical fight for survival.

Awaiting Oblivion will premiere at On the Boards from February 23rd-26th. We are incredibly grateful that this premiere is being commissioned and supported through the OtB Performance Production Program. We are asking you to join On the Boards and help us cover our remaining costs.

Both in scope, size and subject matter Awaiting Oblivion is the most ambitious works created by Tim Smith-Stewart | Jeffrey Azevedo. We have the privilege of working with an incredible artistic team that includes: Estee Clifford, Alice Gosti, Alex Harding, Lauren Hester, Alyza DelPan Monley, Tristan Roberson, Salo, Skylar Tatro.

You’re generous donation will insure:

- That all nine artists collaborating on this project are paid fairly ($2000 for Artist Honorariums)

- That we are able to purchase the appropriate equipment and materials to construct this large scale vision ($2000 Materials)

- That we’ll be able rent both the studio space necessary to build all visual elements of the show as well as space to rehearse the show. ($1000 Administrative and Rental fee’s)

We believe this work is as important as it has every been and we’re so very excited to share it with you. Thank you for whatever you’re able to give.