Artist workshop space and gallery

by Candice Brown


My best friend, Shauna Burns, had a dream to open a space that she could use for Body Painting classes. This was the tip of the iceberg that led us to desire something even greater. Through talking about her plan, the conclusion came out that we could open a space that can be used for all types of workshops that are not commonly available outside a college setting, if at all. We want to bring together a community of artists that can teach and learn from one another, while growing the art scene in our city. In addition to workshops, this space will be used as a Gallery to showcase local artists in San Antonio,TX.

We have both always wanted a place where we could learn and grow more. Between the two of us, we have extensive knowledge in many different mediums and styles of art including but not limited to Portraiture, Caricature, Body Painting, Silhouette, Glass working, and Henna. We have always continued to learn and get better in our crafts, and the space we plan to open will allow us to do what we are passionate about while sharing that passion with our community of artists in San Antonio. We will have various opportunities to take workshops and showcase works including Fine Art, Photography, and the Performing Arts. We want a diverse space for all types of artists.

Funding for this project will go initially towards the monthly rent of our business space, as well as anything needed to get the business running. We have a building we are hoping to rent out at San Antonio's Avenida Guadalupe Association. I feel our vision matches the goal of the Avenida Guadalupe Association to grow the arts in that area. It is in a part of town away from other popular art districts in San Antonio, and we want to help that area continue to flourish. The Association is already supportive of the arts including Body Painting which is often a misunderstood art form, so we feel it is the perfect location for us! Once we have our space we will be able to move forward and begin to bring in artists that want to teach classes. There are already a few local artists interested in teaching fine art, photography, and makeup classes. 

We are hoping for at least $5,000 to get the first couple of months rent out of the way. Any extra money we can get would be amazing, and help this dream become a reality faster! We have budgeted that to get everything taken care of from rent, utilities, furnishings, and art materials, we would likely need about $50,000 for the first year. 

This is a project that Shauna and I are so excited to make a reality, and every bit of help we can get will be greatly appreciated. Please donate to our project so we can continue to grow the arts in San Antonio, and thank you to those who believe in what we can bring to the city we love.