by Sunny Bhatia

By the year 2051, the India/Pakistan conflict has turned into a completely, and utterly barbaric war. Diplomacy between the two countries is dead, and the border is extremely weak. Because of all this, the Indian government creates an elite team of killers who go into dangerous situations, kill Pakistani insurgents who have crossed the border (without asking questions), and come back for the next mission.
One of the leaders of this elite killing team is Arjun Balhara. When Pakistanis kill his family during the infancy stages of the war, he is taken in by Harleen Sharma (now General Sharma). He spends his entire adolescence training to become a machine, his entire young-adult life being a machine. When a seemingly routine mission goes off the rails, he begins to question everything he has learned about himself and his country…and is effectively suspended for it.
Upon returning home, he runs into Amal, a young Pakistani girl whose father was once brutally killed by Arjun. Though she initially comes to exact revenge, circumstances bring them together, and they begin to see each other for who they truly are…human.


This is an ambitious film that will push the limits of student filmmaking and defy genres by realizing an American-style Action movie in the Hindi Language. We feel this film will have appeal in both the US and India markets.

The anticipated length of this film is 40 minutes.

About the Director: Sunny Bhatia is a third-year Master of Fine Arts in Motion Pictures student at the University of Miami. Sunny was born in New Delhi, India and grew up in Washington, D.C. in the US. Sunny’s films have won awards at the Canes Film Festival and FilmGate in Miami. His latest film Escape from Infierno will be showcased in New York City in November 2018. ‘Arjun’ is Sunny’s vision to make an Indian movie in the style of an American action movie.

About the Producer: Russ Darrow is a 3rd-year MFA student at the University of Miami. He is an aspiring writer/producer. Russ has a passion for storytelling and helping other storytellers create compelling, ambitious narratives for the screen. He has produced six short films and one feature-film (Mi Amor) at UM. Mi Amor was featured at the Busan International film festival in South Korea. Prior to enrolling at UM, Russ worked at Google where he honed his business skills as an advertising consultant and top-salesperson. He studied Economics and Literary Arts at Brown University.

The budget for this film will go towards bringing some of our American crew in India, hiring a crew in India, expenses for working with the Indian Army, Costumes, Stunts, Visual FX, Camera Equipment, Travel & Lodging, and food for the crew. 

For a more detailed budget please contact Russ Darrow (