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This project was successfully funded on May 27, 2017

America Will Be

by The New Poor People's Campaign



65 million Americans earn less than $15 an hour. Inequality is on the rise. AMERICA WILL BE tells the story of the extraordinary people who are putting their bodies, and sometimes their lives, on the line to secure a better future for their children. From the Native American resistance in Standing Rock to the struggles for clean and affordable water in Detroit and Flint; from the fight to end racist legislation in North Carolina to the successful nationwide strike of fast food workers fighting to raise the minimum wage to $15, AMERICA WILL BE documents a profound moment in American history, a moment unlike any other since the Civil Rights Movement. 


We think that right now is the time to get this story out into the world. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by how big the problem of poverty is. But instead of feeling powerless, the struggles we’re documenting in AMERICA WILL BE show that when people unite across lines that too often divide us, real change is possible.

Donald Trump's recent electoral campaign stoked the sense of division and mistrust between black, white and brown people. But there are people across the country - whether Republican or Democrat - who feel that poverty is not a political issue, it's a moral issue. We are documenting this moment in history, in real time, as it unfolds. We plan to use the AMERICA WILL BE series in community forums across the country throughout 2017, to encourage open discussion about the real obstacles to, and possibilities for, ending the suffering that comes from growing poverty in this land of such plenty.


AMERICA WILL BE is a documentary project that has emerged from 15 years of media advocacy and organizing together with media makers across the United States. The film project is led by Dara Kell, Charon Hribar and Adam Barnes of the Kairos Center, but we see this as an open-ended project that we hope will continue to evolve as the conditions of poverty and climate change demand new, innovative forms of organizing.

You can learn more about the Poor People's Campaign here:

And check out the Kairos Center here:


So far, we've finished the first episode of the series. You can watch it here:

Now, we need your help to finish the next two episodes of the series. We want to document a wider range of struggles across the country, that help illuminate the fight, plight and insight of activists who are working to improve their communities on a local level, every day - and making real gains toward building a more just and inclusive economy. We plan to film the second and third episodes with community organizers in Chicago, MI - where the leaders of Blocks Together are fighting school closures and gang violence - and Aberdeen, WA, where leaders of faith are uniting with homeless youth to address systemic poverty in rural America. We can't wait to share these stories with you. Your contribution will help cover:

- Filming in Chicago and Aberdeen over the summer

- Hiring a professional editor for the second and third episode

- Hiring a composer, sound mixer, and colorist to help us deliver a professional finished product

- Support distribution and outreach - getting the films out to 50+ organizations across America who can use the series to help spark discussions about the potential for unity as we build a grassroots movement to end poverty. 


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