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This project was successfully funded on May 18, 2015


by Juan Carlos Zaldivar


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Prejudice kills.

All of us have been judged unfairly at some point in our lives. And all of us have judged others as well. We believe that letting you interact and explore will create a real EXPERIENCE of your own; unlike just giving you the filmmaker's side of the story (the way most traditional movies do).

The way we look at things makes all the difference in how we feel about them. Oscar Wilde said: "Children first love their parents; later, they judge them, and sometimes, they forgive them." We can all probably relate to this, but few of us ever think that judging someone we love (like our parents or our children) is the same as being prejudiced against them. Our relationship with our parents (or lack of) begins to form our view of the world.

In fact, we all grow up with some false assumptions about the world around us; about people, cultures, and even about nature itself... [e.g. Did you know that scientists still don't know how lightning happens even though it strikes the earth a 100 times per second?] Regardless, lightning is awesome, and scary and powerful.

Our movie, ALTERATIONS, the art installations and the online interactions we have created will let you explore and compare how we see ourselves to how other people see us in entertaining but meaningful ways.


We are making one of the first INTERACTIVE MOVIES with a revolutionary software and we want you to make a little history with us!

Our 15 minute movie called ALTERATIONS (which you will be able to watch the old, missionary way)  will be preeeeeetty sweeeet that way BUT we have also created a WHOLE WORLD BEHIND THE CURTAINthat you will be able explore on your own.

We have partnered with the creator of a brand-new technology, which will allow YOU to mouse-over our short film, ALTERATIONS, and click on a CHARACTER in the movie, or their COSTUME, or any OBJECT (anything on the video) to go deeper into the STORY, access a whole other world of INFORMATION or just for plain FUN!

I am working with first time actors, who have contributed a lot of their own personal experiences, mixed-in with mine, some real history, facts and fabrications.


ALTERATIONS follows a young trans woman as she sets out to reconnect with her estranged mother for the first time as a woman. Months ago, when Jesus told his mother, Mary Jane, that he was going to transition into a woman, his mother had a heart attack. When Mary Jane came to, she did not remember who she was. ALTERATIONS chronicles a magical weekend escapade where the two women meet in their new identities and challenge each other to face their worse fears.


We need to finish post production and we need to build the basic interactive prototype on the web.

We need $4,000 to finish the film.

We need and additional $5,300 to complete the website and build a working prototype.

We chose Hatchfund because

- only selected projects can fundraise on their site

they dont take any fees from the artist and because

- on, your contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.


We need to have an interactive prototype by May 15, 2015 in order to apply to two important interactive festivals and to Tribeca's New Media Fund.


1.  Share our campaign in your social media far and wide (and at least once a week during peak times)

2. Come to our Art Sale fun-raiser at The Screening Room in Wynwood. Click Here to RSVP.

    • May 07, 2015 Juan Carlos Zaldivar Artist

      Dear supporters of ALTERATIONS I wanted to send an update to let you know that (thanks to you!) we have now reached the minimum threshold goal of our campaign! This great accomplishment because It guarantees that all of the funds we have from now on wont be lost. Congratulations! We should be proud and we should share it.. It is quite remarkable that we have reached this goal in one week. We now are in the home stretch. We need to reach our stretch goal to ensure that the completed film can begin to develop into the interactive website we dream or it to be. Funds in our stretch goal will account for: -software costs -monthly cloud fees to keep our project active on Racontr -manufacturing a study guide and -jump-starting the distribution of the film This is a wonderful accomplishment to share with folks who were nervous about the all-or-nothing status of the campaign and to let them know that all funds raised from now on are guaranteed to us. Please feel free to reach out to friends. No tax-deductible donation is too small! Thank you for joining us in this wonderful journey! With all my love and on behalf of our wonderful team, Juan Carlos