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This project was successfully funded on June 11, 2015


by Kate Watson-Wallace


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ALT MODE (as in: alternate modalities) is a body of musical works written by the composer/producer, RYAT, re-imagined into a performance that integrates dance, live electronic music, video mapping, and set design. Directed and choreographed by Kate Watson-Wallace, composed and conceptualized by RYAT, and performed by RYAT, drummer Anwar Marshall, and dancers Jasmine Hearn, Danielle Currica, Gianina Casale, Kanami Nakabayashi, and Haylee Nichele, the work asks questions about what it means to be a woman on stage.

We are making this project now because we want to address, both abstractly and literally, gender inequity within our respective fields of practice. ALT MODE is our re-imagining of a large-scale music stage show, that integrates and re-mixes images of the female form and presence on stage within this context.

Over the next four months, we will develop the choreography, video mapping elements, costume and lighting design for our premiere at New York City’s Summerstage Central Park on August 19, 2015. After the premiere, we will tour throughout the U.S. and Europe in 2016-17.

We are looking to raise $15,000 towards the creation of ALT MODE.

This will pay the dancers and choreographer to make the work the best it can be!

Thank you so much for any contribution you can make. If you want to help pay a dancer’s salary, this is how to do it! 

We appreciate it so very much!



    • April 28, 2015 Kate Watson-Wallace Artist

      Here is the link to our premiere at Summerstage in Central Park: