All Power to All People

by Kindred Arts


Hank Willis Thomas’ All Power to All People Afro pick sculpture is a public art intervention around identity and representation.The original All Power to All People Afro pick sculpture was 8-foot tall and temporarily installed across from City Hall in Philadelphia in fall 2017.

This August a collective of artists, activists, dreamers and do-ers will bring a 20-foot iteration of Hank's interactive All Power to All People Afro pick sculpture to debut at Burning Man 2018, “the world’s largest Arts show.” Hank’s All Power to All People Afro pick sculpture will be located on the Playa, to highlight ideas related to community, strength, perseverance, comradeship, and resistance to oppression, equal justice and belonging. This piece will return home to NYC after its Burning Man debut for a public exhibition. 

The Afro pick as an accessory has evolved since its genesis 6,000 years ago in Egypt to become a culturally iconic symbol of community and comradeship. The Afro pick, exists today as many things to different people: it is representative not only of an era, but a sound, a counter culture. It is a uniting motif, worn as adornment, a political emblem, and signature of collective identity. The Afro pick continues to develop itself as a testament to innovation. What makes All Power to All People provocative is that although it is specific to African American culture and the historical fight for recognition, it also stands as a symbol for the societal tumult we witness in the news and in the streets today and the constant battle for equality.  Debuting All Power to All People at Burning Man will show how radical individuals and free self-expression inspires community and togetherness. This project needs to begin immediately to determine materials and to ensure that the sculpture is scalable and safe! Structural engineers are currently drafting drawings and we will begin fabrication in June. The piece will be transported to Reno and assembled on Playa beginning in August for its debut at Burning Man. 

We are happy to report that Burning Man Arts believes in this project and has given us a small grant for this installation! However in order to fully realize this project, we need your support! Constructing a 20-foot architectural structure in the middle of the desert is a massive undertaking, and we need to raise an additional $35,000 by June 26, 2018.  

We are incredibly grateful for the many ways artists bring people together, and we hope you share in our commitment to bringing this project to life. Please share this call to action with your family, friends and networks.

On behalf of the entire collective, we thank you for your commitment to ensuring that artists will always matter, and for your steadfast and generous support.Kindred Arts is non profit a Cultural Equity Initiative - All donations are tax deductible.