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This project was successfully funded on February 27, 2018

AIM Studios Dance Company

by Phillip Anthony Morris


AIM Studios ( Artistry In Motion) was created in 2017 with a need to develop and provide excellent training and performance opportunities for all ages and demographics.  Throughout my travels, as a performing artist and dance coach, I'd always find a common thread when working for other companies.   A lack of individual attention and development of one's own unique artistry.  Teaching abroad and in the states, it became very apparent only the wealthiest of students would receive performance opportunities and individual attention. In addition to the inequities faced by financially challenged students, there's a lack of quality and devoted coaches. Instructors underqualified and uninspired come in give a class and leave. Not realizing the positive impact a dance class can have on the development of a child.  Dance should be a glorious journey an experience for all, and that what AIM Studios sets out to do!

I'm currently building a competition dance team and performance group for dancers in Fairfield County CT ages 6 to 18. This program is an addition to the dance classes the student take at their current studio. The dancers will train an additional 3 to 6 hours a week with myself and staff.  In this time we will work on technique, artistry, and interpersonal skills that will take them far beyond the stage. The AIM Studios Company will train weekly together and perform regionally and nationally against their peers. The competition pieces will consist of solos, duet/trios, and groups utilizing the very best skills of each artist.

We begin the program by selecting dedicated talent in the summer and fall. Once the artist and family are aware of the tuition we begin the process.  Creating dance pieces reflecting the times and issues of past and present or just simply expressing the joy of movement. The competition season will begin in March in the meantime we will be rehearsing and perfecting the work prepping for 3 regional competitions and 1 national dance competition. Unfortunately, dance is still and elitist art and some of my potential company members just can't afford the price tag that comes with the tuition.  This is why I need the resources of Hatchfund to help provide these young artists with a fabulous opportunity.

 Funding the minimum goal of 3,000  will help with tuition, costumes, travel, and a journey the kids will take well into adulthood. Overfunding the maximum goal of 6,000 will afford me to offer more scholarships to deserving artist and exposure to the AIM Studios program. As director of AIM Studios, I'm relentless in creating a positive change in the arts. Diversity and inclusion in dance matters because talent and purpose should never be limited or denied due to lack of opportunity.   Assisting I these students join the AIM company will surely help them be a positive force in the world of arts and beyond! Gratitude fellow artist and patrons of the arts.

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