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This project was successfully funded on May 1, 2017

Agile Rascal Montana Tour

by Agile Rascal Theatre


After our exhilarating and exhausting coast-to-coast tour two summers ago, Agile Rascal has been imagining how to create bicycle touring theatre in the most effective, most sustainable way.  For our first "state-specific" theatre tour, we've chosen the beautiful state of Montana. 

  Montana is an ideal state for our first regional tour.  It’s got beautiful biking landscapes, has a nice mix of cultures and politics that are both in and outside of our comfort zones, and is in dire need of innovative live performing arts.

 We’ve gathered some top notch artists from all over the country to touch down in Great Falls, Montana, to work collaboratively for five weeks to create a brand new play, based on the sights, sounds, people and history of the place, made with the people of the state in mind.  We'll follow this up with a 5 week, 1000 mile, tour of our new work through the region.  We're partnering with local organizations to make our shows fun community events, and all of these events will be be free and inclusive for everyone. 

  Our shows will take place in a variety of venues including outdoor amphitheaters and indoor community centers and bike shops. Primarily using biking and camping gear for our sets, costumes and props means our plays are as agile as we are - portable, resourcesful and inventive. 

  In each town we stop in, we will offer free workshops in bicycle maintenance and theatre-making to the community.   Our goal is twofold: To offer those without a local bicycle shop the skills and tools needed to continue the upkeep of a bicycle and to offer those without a performing arts curriculum the skills to learn and create theatrically together.

  We are asking for your support to fund all the unavoidable expenses like food, equipment and production.  In the event that we overfund our project, all additional funds will go the artists to help pay for necessary biking equipment, travel to and from Montana, and of course their talents and time.  In a time when the arts are being so threatened, I hope you’ll consider helping to bring innovative new art forms to untapped audiences.  We so deeply appreciate all your support.