Afraid of the Dark: A Venetian Story

by Stephan Brigidi


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Afraid of the Dark is a book project containing my photographs and stories based upon my many sojourns to Venice.   I am seeking support to complete the polished design phase and produce an edition of ten copies as artist's proofs.  These proofs will act as the prototype for a larger mass market edition to come later.  Afraid of the Dark speaks of a personal spiritual quest propelled by some discovered family mystery with ties to the freemason secret society known as P2.  It is about coming to terms with darkness and fear, exploring those sensations, and accessing the powers of fear. 

The book is set up as a series of four stories with accompanying photographs.  This is preceded by a prologue that establishes the tone of the book. It is this introduction that is heard in the video.  Afraid of the Dark is intended as a hard cover coffee-table style book with an unconventional format.  In addition to the stories and photographs,  I have  illustrated  the book with all kinds of markings related to the Venetian theme.  It will contain approximately 160 pages with a physical size of 12" X 12".

This first phase requires funding of $5000.  The design is a collaboration with a professional designer and myself.   Approximately $3200 will be targeted for the book design.  The remaining portion will produce the copies of the book in digital offset.  These will be numbered and signed and designated as the artist's proofs.  This will complete the first phase.

The books will then be presented to commercial publishing houses as the sample for a larger run of offset copies for the mass market.  If the chosen publisher takes on the risks of publishing and assumes the costs associated, then no further funding request will be made. If not commercially published, there will be a second phase of fundraising to raise $30,000+ to publish roughly 2000 copies to package the book. 

Initially, I am only concerned with phase one to complete the book's design and limited artist's proofs.  If in the event, this project is overfunded, I will use the funds for travel expenses to meet with publishing houses on both the east and west coasts.  Right now, no funds are being planned for this, rather all of the $5000 will go to the Phase One production.  It is most important to bring the book into full form.

I will be happy to provide incentives to my benefactors in this first phase.  Please review my perks structure.  I am always happy to customize any requests.  You may email me directly at:  or phone my studio at 401-253-2351.

I greatly thank you for your interest and support, and I look forward to your involvement as  part of a greater collaboration involving Afraid of the Dark.

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