Acts of Arriving

by Daniel Burkholder


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Help support the amazing artist collaborators who are creating and will be performing Acts of Arriving.

Acts of Arriving is a multi-discipline project engaging communities across Metro DC in creative placemaking activities and interactive performances as we examine the questions "Where are you from?" and "Where are you now?". Using images, spoken word, dance, and original and live music, The PlayGround will explore these questions through personal narrative, geneology, histories of specific communities, larger immigration and national migration trends, and ideas/throughts of how one leaves, finds and creates a home. 

For this project The PlayGround will be situated in four distinct communities and partnering with four wonderful organizations - Joe's Movement Emporium/Mount Rainier, MD, Dance Place/Brookland, Washington Parks and People/Meridian Hill Park, and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. In Septemer we will hold a creative placemaking workshops in each location with a wide range of participants engaging, through images, writing and dance, questions of what does it mean to be apart of a community, what are the aspirations of this community, and how to celebrate this community.

Then on October 18th we will present a 45-minute performance in each location consisting of dance, spoken word, original and live music, and unique audience participation.

Acts of Arriving is my most ambitious project to date. Through the creative placemaking events and performances the company will reach more people, along a wider range of demographics, in a more significant way than we have ever before.

I believe it will be a transformative experience for the artists collaborating in the project, the communities we are engaging, and the individuals who participate.

For this project to be as succussful as it can be, we need to raise $4500 in support the amazing group of collaborators who are bringing this project to fuition, and to help pay for their time, artistry and performances.

The team of collaborators creating Acts of Arriving includes:

Kathryn Harris Banks (Amazing!)

Anthony Barbir (Incredible!)

Valeria Branch (Remarkable!)

Daniela Tenhamm-Tejos (Breath-taking!)

Abigail Wallace (Stunning!)

and composer David Schulman (Unparrelled!)

We have great support from our partner organizations as well as a grant from Art Lives Here, but this is such a multi-pronged, ambitious project we need additional support.

We need our community to support us as well.

Please consider making a donation to support Acts of Arriving and these wonderful artists today so we can achieve something really special in the Metro DC area.

If we are able to raise more than $4500 the money will go towards paying these artists what they are truly worth. Often artists commit to projects because they believe in the project and make monetary sacrafices. Please help us pay these artists - they deserve this, and more!

Thank you for your support!

Daniel Burkholder

Artistic Director, The PlayGround