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This project was successfully funded on June 20, 2017

A Wildenfree Venture

by Sean Young

Music should be passionate, vulnerable, and nourishing. The objective of this project is to provide all listeners with positive and introspective music that invites meaningful discussion. I want to expand one's perspective on Hip-Hop, to show that it is not just a culture, but a powerful method of communication. My aim is to develop an independent record label to release well-crafted lyrical bodies of work that bring crucial topics to light: love, duality, race-relations, what it means to feel alive, positive thoughts on steps toward financial stability, freedom of thought and much more. 
Now, as for me, I go by Mr. Wildenfree. A quirky name of sorts but one I am proud to hold, which deserves a bit of explanation. "Wildenfree" represents duality. I chose to spell it as one word because it is a misconception that you can receive one side without the other. Heads or Tails, it's all one coin. "The Wild" represents the introspective, analytical, stoic and dark aspects of one's personality. "The Free" represents the light-hearted, spiritual, hedonistic and carefree aspects of oneself. Following this theme, I have released my debut official project and entitled it, "The Wild". Now, "&", is the interim project I intend to release, that will help show the transition between these two states. It is exactly what "&" implies; more, additional, supplementary. This album will give listeners further insight into who I am and the purpose for which I stand.
The upcoming EP, "&", is already close to it's finishing touches. 11+ songs written and revised, collaborations, musical production, musician features, you name it. I started this campaign in order to finalize the project and get it onto the proper channels so that it can reach a worldwide platform — and to do so as an independent artist, fully in control of the content I create. This represents just the tip of the iceberg because I certainly have much more in store, which will all become possible with your help.
I need your support. Please donate towards my campaign, and know that your donation is tax-deductible! The $2,500 minimum goal will afford me the opportunity to protect my brand and business, and also get music through online distribution. My stretch goal of $5,000 will ensure that I am able to push that content through online marketing and promotion while also developing the essential visual content needed to paint a vivid picture of my vision worthy of reaching a worldwide audience. It will also allow me to properly compensate the producers, get the music professionally mastered, and maintain a developing relationship with my subscribers through my e-mail newsletter — All while remaining an independent artist. 
I am so very grateful for you, for supporting the vision and for taking your time out to even see what this all means to me. Any contribution you can make towards the cause is one I appreciate — so much. I'm steadfast in my purpose, and I know that music is one of the most sought after stimuli. If we can utilize this art form — through Hip-Hop or ANY culture — to promote meaningful, nourishing content which inspires quintessential conversation, we can change our world for the better. Here is to dissolving the ego, and developing community.
Sending nothing but peace and blessings your way, 
Mr. Wildenfree