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Theatre Arts & Cultural Consultants (TACC) is an inter-generational group of professional Artists of which I am the founder and Artistic Director. This group of professional artists come together to support our colleagues in their respective creative projects.

The project: A comedy entitled "A Twisted Christmas Carol" was developed at the Mosholu Montefiore Community Center Senior Center (MMCSC), where I teach a drama class. I needed a storyline that an audience would recognize, but in the form of an original script. My colleague John R. Graves and I began collaborating on this in the fall of 2011. My drama workshop for Senior Citizen students met for eight weeks, where we worked on Method Acting Techniques, characterization and character/scene development, and improvisation. In December of 2011, a dramatic reading of the production was presented to a small audience of friends, MMCSC members and staff. Mr. Graves and I decided to continue developing this play having received an overwhelming response from the audience. We decided to pursue the idea of producing this production on a larger scale and for a broader audience. 

"A Twisted Christmas Carol" is a parody of the original Charles Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol”. Like Dickens, the play expresses the true meaning of the holidays. Dickens created Scrooge, and we have created Caroline Brown; a rich, selfish, and lonely individual in the midst of the holiday season. Keeping her money means more than life itself. Our character is taken back to the past, the present and to her potential future by the ghost of a former 20's flapper dancer friend and this is where our version of the story develops. 

The theater arts workshop classes began on October 15, 2012 and we will be holding auditions for former and new students for all the roles and understudies. The workshop sessions will run for ten weeks.

Production meetings will be held with my production team that includes; stage manager Damion Brown, playwright John R Graves, costume designer/wardrobe Elizabeth Bello, set designer/props manager Efraim Ayala and myself in order to outline and discuss  all of the elements of the production. There will be one major rehearsal, one complete technical rehearsal and one full dress rehearsal. We will have two performances, one on January 11, at 2pm, and an evening performance at 7pm followed by a reception. 

We are seeking a funding in the amount of: $9,526.00 for this project. The funds will be used exclusively for this production of “A Twisted Christmas Carol” and it's production expenses, which include: 1. Theatre Rental 2. Advertising/Promotion 3. Equipment Rental 4. Artist Fees and Services 5. Art Materials and Supplies.

Should we acquire extra funds, we will schedule an encore performance date or use the extra funds to take the production on tour throughout the Bronx.

On behalf of our cast and production team, I wish to offer my personal thanks and appreciation to our donors and supporters for helping make this project possible.

Leona Heyward Hull, Artist Director

    • December 08, 2012 LEONA HULL Artist

      As we grow closer to the holidays I wish you a happy and safe holiday and remember to always give back to your community. May your holiday be filled with peace, love and happiness.