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This project was successfully funded on October 16, 2017

A Reflection On Current Social Justice Issues

by Alonzo Davis


I am creating an art installation “Reflection On Current Social Justice Issues” using ballistic vests to be exhibited at various art venues around the country.  I am requesting funds to match the grant I have received from the Puffin Foundation.  The installation is to be created and exhibited at A.I.R. Studio Paducah, Kentucky and Blue Door Studios, Mount Rainier, Maryland.  Additional sites to which the installation could travel are being negotiated.

 My works have often centered on current issues of our times including voting rights, civil rights, gun violence, immigration, peaceful nonviolence and to address specific social justice issues, hotspots, demographics, communities, stakeholders and activists.

This project is important because it gives a chance to reflect back on our society what it is saying to its citizens.  The creation of artwork has been my pulpit and life’s path since childhood.

 Thru the use of fifteen recycled ballistic vests, I will adorn them with artwork that is painted, collages, manipulated and otherwise treated in a creative, reflective way.  They will be assembled and exhibited in various locations including traditional and non-traditional locations.

 I am looking to raise $3,000 in support of this project.  These funds will be used to secure materials, shipping and sites for their display/exhibition.  Funds that supersede the target goal will help this body of work continue to travel beyond the projected dates and reach additional venues.

 Your generous support is needed to make this possible.  Please share this funding request with friends and associates.  Thank you in advance and I hope you will keep up with this campaign.

Below is an illustration of our perk Signed Passport Series and dated postcard