A Million Dollars

by MikeD


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We are extremly excited to be partnering with US Artist to secure funding for the production of a short  film titled A Million Dollars.We are seeking a minumum of $6500 for production expenses including equipment rentals, catering, transportation and insurance. Our maximum goal is $20,000 and this would allow us to upgrade production elements including equipoment rentals and post-production facilties.

A Million Dollars is a short film inspired by a story by Yukio Mishima about a young couple wandering through a massive mall on a sultry summer night awaiting a meeting with a mysterious middle-aged woman. The couple do not easily fit into the the environment they inhabit. They spend money they don't have, they argue about the future, and their very minimal dialogue plays like zen koans about security, materialism, and attachment. While there is an obvious existential element to the story, it is also about economy, fantasy, and . This all becomes shockingly clear when the meeting takes place.

I have wanted to explore this story since I read it in a short story workshop in 1997.  My short films,  which have played at film festivals all over the world including Sundance, and on IFC and Bravo, have been concerned with illuminating complex characters through almost purely visual language, and  I'm fascinated with how we can render the connection the young lovers have  with each other in contrast to the disconection they have with the world.

We will shoot the film this July in Austin, Texas.

Thank you so much considering to fund this project.

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