A Great Hunger

by Jessica Jobaris



World Premiere March 16-19, 2017 

In 2014, in Jessica Jobaris' living room in Seattle,WA, a group of 14 performers gathered to support one another in negotiating big life themes; themes that we felt were Universal, that asked "what are we hungry for in life?" Fast forward 2.5 years, 2 festivals, 2 residencies, 1 tour, and countless hours of research and development later… And we are gearing up to premiere an evening length performance work, A Great Hunger, at On The Boards, March 16-19, in Seattle, WA. We are honored to be invited to perform A Great Hunger for their 2016-2017 season.

Teetering on the verge of hilarious and profound, an intergenerational cast of 23 performers, ages 13-85, attempt to heal by any and all means necessary. I A Great Hunger is a new church for the new millennium, and everyone is invited. 

"The piece produced the kind of sensory overload that leaves a frenetic buzz deep in the gut, appealing to our wild, primal natures."- Seattle Dances (on A Great Hunger, 2015)

Moment to moment awareness changes...constantly.  A Great Hunger shines on this abstract, non-linear and fragmented inner narrative, through absurdism and isolation. It’s part Buster Keaton, part Shakespeare, humor and tragedy colliding. Do we laugh or do we cry? Do we care? What is the litmus test to our capacity for empathy, and for failure?

We see the piece as a day in the life of any one of the performers, or audience members, or the collective world we live in. The duality of life at play, with conversations unfinished, relationships unresolved, tension between groups of people, and the vulnerability of the naked body, the naked heart, exposed.


We need you. Will you pitch in to raise $8,000 to make this visionary performance possible? Your donation will help cover additional rehearsal space, production costs, and artistic fees for:

9 Main ensemble members

9 Additional second ensemble members, and 4 soloists

Our celebrated design team, including renowned sound designer Paul Moore, long time Seattle-based lighting designer David Verkade, masterful set and projection designer Grant Bowen, archive videographer Dylan Ward, and Sub Pop's rock star photographer Charles Peterson

Yours truly, choreographer Jessica Jobaris

We are honored to be invited to perform A Great Hunger for their 2016-2017 season, and we are grateful to have been supported by On the Boards’ Performance Production Program, which provides resources and support in the form of commissioning fees, rehearsal space, mentoring, advocacy and technical residencies with one of the best production departments in the United States. Due to the large scale of this performance, we still have $8,000 to raise and this is why we need YOU! Any additional funds raised will go to further pay costumes, set design materials, stage hands, and increase the pay for artists, so they can be truly compensated for their 2.5 years of work.


We are offering some very unique perks for our donors, including handmade items that give you a sneak peek into the backbone and process of the work, creative merchandise, opportunities to engage with these incredible artists, and unending gratitude.  

We see all the performing artists as pioneers of new perspectives, archivers of history and their performances as vehicles for processing our inner life and the riddle of our existence. By contributing to compensate these incredible artists, you are affirming the importance of their dedication, craft, training, vibrant expression, and time without which this work would not exist.


"A Great Hunger was the literal climax to the festival’s building foreplay of ideals, themes of angst and lush imagery. Our vision fixed, we are moving with it. Just as soon as we seem to settle into a movement our focus is redirected." --Jen Scholten, Thru Media Magazine, 2015 

At the beginning of the creative process, themes of craving connection and questions about how to cope with loss, grief and isolation kept coming up. These "Living Room Practices" (born from Valeria Primrost, a colleague in Berlin/Brazil) inspired us to turn the work we were doing, into a performance piece.  We also came across the work of Carol S. Pearson, a feminist Jungian therapist. Pearson's book, "Awakening the Heroes Within" offered us a language and framework around the common struggles of being human. As a congregation of willing pranksters, we engaged on a mission to define the riddle of our existence. Working through both collective and personal inquiry, existential spiritual crises, and political and social angst. Through exhibitionism, ritual, wild dancing, and a willingness to jump from a hypothetical cliff, through film, trash piles, and alter ego archetypes, we excavated how the Hero's journey reflected in our own lives.  How are we, our country, and our communities handling the current climate of so much upheaval? How are we defining what is authentic, what is necessary, what is haunting us? What are we hungry for?


If you can't contribute financially, you can help Jessica Jobaris & General Magic reach their goal and finish this work strong by sharing this campaign with others. Jessica and her collaborators are so grateful for your time and assistance in spreading this campaign to your fellow friends and family! THANK YOU! Communities make great things happen.


Jessica Jobaris & General Magic is a creative collective that nurtures risk, mystery, absurdity, sensation of the body, and emancipation through imagination. Directed by choreographer Jessica Jobaris, our mission is to raise the experience of empathy for modern theater audiences, initiating adventurous communication with each other, in context of today's social unrest. 

General Magic is the fluid group of über talented collaborators that Jobaris works with on a project-to-project basis. Jessica Jobaris has been choreographing and performing for over 20 years throughout the EU and across the US and Canada, culminating in 25+ performance works. She’s lived and worked in Berlin, San Francisco, and New York City, but calls Seattle, WA home.

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