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This project was successfully funded on October 16, 2014

A Debut CD

by Eric Nathan


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I will be recording a debut portrait CD of my recent chamber and solo music, “MULTITUDE, SOLITUDE: THE CHAMBER MUSIC OF ERIC NATHAN,” to be released by Albany Records in 2015 and distributed by NAXOS. I hope you can become a partner in making my debut album a reality.

I am thrilled to be working with a stellar list of performers of tremendous artistry – the Momenta Quartet, New York Philharmonic Principal Trombonist Joseph Alessi, oboist Peggy Pearson, former Juilliard String Quartet violist Samuel Rhodes, pianist Mei Rui and trumpeter Hugo Moreno. I am also honored to be working with Grammy Award-winning producer Judith Sherman, who will be recording and producing the CD.

I have chosen seven works to include on this CD – all of which will be premiere recordings – that paint a portrait of me as a composer, highlighting multiple sides of my musical personality. The CD features four chamber works for strings – my two string quartets “Four to One” (2011) and “Multitude, Solitude” (2013), string quintet “Omaggio a Gesualdo” (2013) and “Quartet for Oboe and Strings” (2012) – alongside three works for solo instruments – “As Above, So Below” (2014) for solo trombone, “Toying” (2012) for solo trumpet and “Three by Three” (2009) for solo piano.

Central to each of the above works are the opposing themes of multitude and solitude, division and unity, dialogue and soliloquy – themes that have underpinned much of my recent music. They reflect the lyrical and expressive side of my music, which focuses on conveying a range of intense emotions, as well as my playful and experimental sides, where I seek to reimagine the technical and sonic possibilities of instruments and test the boundaries of what is technically possible. 

The recording sessions will take place over six months at the SUNY Purchase Performing Arts Center and the American Academy of Arts and Letters – two of the finest venues for recorded sound in the New York Metropolitan area. The first session took place at the American Academy of Arts and Letters in June 2014, when Judith Sherman recorded Mei Rui performing my “Three by Three." The Momenta Quartet, oboist Peggy Pearson, violist Samuel Rhodes, and trumpeter Hugo Moreno will record this fall, and trombonist Joseph Alessi concludes the recording project with a session in February 2015. Albany Records plans to release the CD in the fall of 2015.

There are great financial costs to recording and producing a CD. While I have assembled some of the funding for this project, I am asking you, my friends, colleagues, and music enthusiasts to help me raise the remaining $12,000 needed to create my debut album. This sum will help cover the fees that are critical to the realization of the project, such as:

 - Venue rental fees

- Producer and recording fees

- Record label fees

- Artist fees

- Promotional fees

I am excited to have, for the first time, a portrait album of outstanding recordings of my music commercially available to the world.  I hope you can help me turn this goal into a reality.

Thank you so much for your support!

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