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This project was successfully funded on April 11, 2013

75 Portraits

by LaMont Hamilton


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75 Portraits is born out of a frustration with the lack of representation of artists of Color, specifically, in the Western world of art. Thelma Golden of the Studio Museum in Harlem explains, "Artists of African descent have historically been marginalized and left outside of the general discourse on Western art history. There has not been one style or school of African American art..."

In recognizing the abundance of accomplished artists within communities of Color, I set out on a creative quest to locate and photograph these artists, some with lifelong and revered bodies of work and others newly enchanted by the infinite limits of their creative potential; but all with a talent and passion for fearlessly tackling life through art.

Photographed entirely on a large format camera, 75 Portraits is the culmination of my journey into art and the overwhelming need to capture the artist - the mind behind the craft and a glimpse of each legacy.

This collection represents a mere snapshot of the cultural movers of our time. It is not meant to serve as a definitive list of artists but rather a catalyst to examine the conversation, the connection, the collaborative space between artists of Color that is, in fact, missing from our 21st century dialogue. It is within this process of realization that we open the door to discovery and rediscovery.

75 Portraits highlights artists of Color in the fields of the visual arts, film, music, theater, street art and performance art; from the industry’s more established names to the emerging newcomers who will soon illuminate the cultural radar. These portraits include artists such as Kerry James Marshall, Julie Mehretu, Barkley L. Hendricks, Vik Muniz, Hank Willis Thomas, Sonia Sanchez, Charles Burnett, Mickalene Thomas and John Outterbridge.

A truly unique experience, 75 Portraits intends to challenge notions of presumption, thus reverberating echoes of perspective, purpose, and the power of unhindered creativity. 

75 Portraits Book

 Use of Funds

Donations towards the minimum goal of $2500 will be used for all costs associated with the design, printing and shipping the first 150 copies of the book. Copies of the book will be shipped to select galleries, curators and reviewers, and the remaining copies will be available to the public. 

Along with the book donation funds will also be used for printing, mounting and framing museum quality exhibition prints. The traveling exhibition will contain 75 color and black & white photographic prints of varying sizes. 

Match Funds are not currently available.

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    • April 07, 2013 Gilda Oliver Artist

      Your photos are really excellent.

    • February 05, 2013 Stephan Brigidi Artist

      All good stuff. The real thing, view camera and all. Bravo LaMont.