3 Graces Project for Environmental Awareness

by ann tracy


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3 Graces Project

I read my first book on mythology when I was nine and it's had a big impact on my work as an artist.... this is manifested in The Green Graces is a digital mixed media painting I did back in 2010,

It's based on an early 3 Graces painting by Lucas Cranach the Elder.  This got me thinking about what the 3 Graces would look like today.  Modern women with rainbow colored hair, tattoos and piercings.  I knew I had stumbled upon my next project.

I was also interested in the different ways they were presented by classical painters from the 15-hundreds onward.... 

I'd like to invite you to join me as a co-creator of this project to recreate the famous Three Graces paintings throughout art history as a series of photographs of 21st century women which will be printed onto canvas and hung as tapestries in a solo show in Portland Maine before looking for other venues. 

The Three Graces, or Three Charities, of Greek mythology were Aglaia, Euphrosyne, and Thalia. They were the goddesses of joy, pleasure, grace, beauty, festivity, adornment, dance, and song. Daughters of Zeus and the sea-nymph Eurynome, they were also the attendants, or handmaidens, of Aphrodite and Hera and protectors of vegetation.

I'd also like to share the reception evening with an environmental organization becasue of that environmental angle.  In their role as protectors of vegetation, they are symbolic of taking care of the environment in an age of global warming.  I would also use a slight take on the Sea Punk style in the development of the images, as they are symbolic of environmental action as well. 

Funds raised will be used to rent studio space, pay models, props and costume folks, print the images, create tapestries from the canvases and provide a very small artist stipend. Everyone involved in this project is working for a VERY low fee.  If more money is raised, we can pay everyone what is really the going rate for their work.We can also upgrade costumes/props and do some wigs as well.

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