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This project was successfully funded on August 1, 2018

2018 Hearts and Hands Workshop

by Community of WELS Creatives


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Note: Hearts and Hands is a workshop event that is definitely happening, August 6-8, at WLC. This Hatchfund Page was created to encourage both Grassroots financial support for the event and general registrations. But make no mistake, the event will happen, August 6-8, as described.

God calls all people to worship. It’s universal, but he doesn’t define how they’ll do it. In worship, a selfless, holy, gospel-focused conversation needs to be happening, and it is your job as an artist aiding Christian worship to help every one of the people you get to serve to engage in this holy conversation. You want it to make sense, you want it to be done well, and there is always room to improve. Let’s spend three days with others who are doing this work.  The 2018 Hearts and Hands Workshop will be held from August 6-8 at Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee. Discover resources, ask questions, and inspire ideas. Besides workshops lead by creators in the fields of visual arts, music, technology, and modern liturgics, join us for “Artist Sessions” where we’ll hear talks from six important artists; schedule a meeting with one of our experts at our “Creative Juice Bar”; and join us for worship opportunities that will model how to do small-scale creative worship excellently.

Why Hearts and Hands Now?

6 years ago, dozens of artists, musicians, and worship leaders passionate about the arts gathered together for the first “Hearts and Hands of David” meeting, to discuss the role of new works of art in worship today and to encourage artists to produce those works of art: visual art, new songs and service settings, new ways of expressing the historic liturgy, and much more. Join us in August for the 2nd Hearts and Hands Workshop. Once more artists, musicians, and pastors interested in bringing grassroots creativity into their church’s worship settings will be gathering.

What Will We Be Workshopping?

The Hearts and Hands Workshop is a three-day workshopping event for artists, worship leaders, and pastors seeking to integrate creativity and art into worship settings, specializing on discussions on the following topics:

visual arts: creating original works of art to edify Christian worship

audio arts: from creating new songs or song settings to accompaniment in Christian Worship

technology: the use of lighting, video, and creative tech in Christian Worship

modern rites: being creative within the Lutheran liturgical tradition, such as the use of ordinaries and confessions & absolution

What’s Everything Offered at this Workshop Event?

ARTIST SESSIONS: We’ve scoured North America for six important artists to share with us five sessions of insight, stories, motivation, and progress in their artistic areas and disciplines.  God has created us to be creative. Find out how these artists have carried out that vocation.

WORKSHOPS: We’ve got ten workshops lined up, led by ten creators in the fields of visual arts, music, and technology. These workshops are specifically designed to put resources into your hands, so that you go home not just inspired, but equipped to inject more art, variety, and creativity in your church.

CREATIVE JUICE BAR: Want to personally speak to someone who’s pulled it off? Have some very specific questions that you’d like expert advice on? At our Creative Juice Bar, we’ve arranged Five worship specialists, ready to work with you one-on-one. Schedule your meeting ahead of time, or see if they can squeeze you in the day of.

TABLE DISPLAYS: A table display area will give especially artists and designers opportunities to reach out to you, showcase work, and further help equip your ministry. Materials from the WELS Hymnal committee, NPH, and other orgs will also be available.

AMENITITES: Registration also covers the costs of lunches and one dinner, so that you have even more opportunities to build relationships with artists and worship coordinators.

LIST OF PRESENTERS (Bios forthcoming)

Artist Sessions: Benj Lawrenz (modern ritual), Karen Goetzinger (visual arts), Joey Schuman (audio arts), Tom Plamann (technology in worship), Kent Reeder & Drew Sonnenberg (creativity in worship today)

Workshops: John Bergmeier, Steve Brown, Jon Favorite, Jason Jaspersen, Sarah Lambrecht, Corissa Nelson, Matt Scott, Luke Thompson, Nancy Thompson, Jon Witte

Our fundraising goal pays for the entire execution of this event, including paying for two-hundred artists, musicians, pastors, and worship leaders to attend. All money raised will go directly towards paying for the event. In the event we overfund, we would be able to commission artwork (both visual and audio) from the various artists that present or attend. These commissions would be a blessing to individual congregations, as well as the church at large. 

While registration fees would go a long way towards paying for this event, that alone would not cover all of the costs, so we are asking for your help. If you value creativity in the church and have a desire to see if flourish, we ask you to consider donating to help this event become a reality and to those of you who do support us, we offer our sincere gratitude.