2014 ACRE Residency Program



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The ACRE Residency is a program designed to support emerging artists in the creation and exhibition of new work. ACRE’s residency program takes place each summer in rural Wisconsin on a 1,000 acre farm. ACRE provides 80 artists over the course of three 12-day sessions with access to equipment, materials, educational programming and community discourse. In the year following an artist’s participation in the residency, ACRE offers them each an exhibition in Chicago, which is an opportunity for them to display and receive feedback on the artwork they created at or since their residency.

ACRE is raising $10,000 in order to expand and purchase new equipment for our residency facilities and to help with the cost associated with feeding approximately 60 people a day for nearly 2 months. This $10,000 is a fraction of what we need to run the program, which is supplemented by the income we generate from fees charged to participants and the organization’s other fundraising efforts.

With the money we raise through Hatch Fund, ACRE will be able to purchase new equipment, repair existing equipment and purchase materials for our resident’s use. In past years, many of our residents have taken advantage of our wood shop to create large, site-specific sculptural and interactive works on the property grounds that they might otherwise be unable to envision without access to our tools, materials and space. Similarly, the A/V lab and recording studio have provided the software and equipment needed to approach all aspects of creating time-based work. Our screen-print studio has been especially utilized by artists to learn a new technique and experiment with incorporating print into their artistic practices.

Each year ACRE improves its facilities by purchasing newer and better equipment in addition to working with the property owners on construction projects to expand our current facilities and add new ones. This year, ACRE will continue a project started last year to add a general studio space, which includes building walls and installing insulation. Additionally, ACRE has acquired two looms and hopes to set up a textile studio with a dye lab in the coming year.

A portion of these funds will also go toward ACRE’s kitchen budget. ACRE’s kitchen staff members have developed a philosophy in regards to the food they provide that emphasizes shared communal dining and organic ingredients sourced locally. The meals at the residency are known to not only be healthy and fulfilling, but a unique opportunity for artists to experience unusual and artistic dishes made from local ingredients. ACRE’s chefs have gone beyond just providing sustenance by inviting the farmers we buy from to interact with the resident community and connecting back to where the food comes from. Meals are an important time at ACRE for residents to connect with each other and the land, which goes a long way toward informing the artwork they are making.

Please help us improve our facilities and provide meals for our residents so that we can offer another group of strong emerging artists the resources and opportunities to grow their practice, make new work and connect with other artists. 

Please view our perks here: www.acreresidency.org/hatch-fund-donation-perks

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