Match Funds

Match Funds represent a unique fundraising strategy for large and small donations alike! They create an opportunity for larger donations to be stretched as far as possible by creating a matching challenge for the campaign. Other donors must make a donation to the project to receive the full amount set aside in the match fund. When a project is eligible, these funds become automatically available.

These funds are made possible through direct and matching grant challenges from individuals, groups, corporations, and foundations. All Match Funds are unique depending on the donor’s intent. There are different types, such as geographic- or discipline-specific funds. Match Funds help our artists reach their goal faster and are essential to Hatchfund’s fundraising strategy.

Active Match Funds

  • A match fund for artist projects in all disciplines in ME.

  • A match fund for Tableau, Tempest and Tango, by Clipper Erickson.

  • A match fund for KLUTZ, by Alex Romania.

  • A match fund for Island Under Siege, by Berthrenda Johnson.

Total Pledges Matched

Past match funds