Meet the artists who call Hatchfund home

Below, you'll meet some of our amazing artists. Each one is recognized as an accomplished artist in their field for their outstanding work.

We insist on the finest artistic talent in America. And that's what sets us apart. Each artist here has been vetted by our team and many partners. Many of them have come here through personal invitations extended by existing members.

You'll only find artists of this caliber on Hatchfund. So, without further ado, let's meet them.

  • Patrick Thomas McCarthy = Former high school English teacher, now living in NYC & playwriting, acting & directing whenever he can.

  • Grown Women Dance Collective creates cross cultural, cross generational bridges through the arts & brings art to underserved communities.

  • I am a passionate CREATOR in dance, music, and theatre - celebrating/investigating the intersections of my urban and indigenous identity.

  • Invited by Ethan Folk

    Jeffrey Frace is an actor, director and deviser in the Seattle area. Known for his experimental work, he is a professor at UW Seattle.

  • Lawrence Siegel is a theater artist, traditional musician, and composer of a wide range of music through collaboration and innovation.

  • I'm a multifaceted woman, that happens to be a multidisciplined artists who celebrates the catharsis art provides to creator and viewer.

  • I am a screenwriter/producer who strives to tell stories that inspire others to believe in the magic of every day life.

  • I thrive in environments that challenge me and tend to problem solve in insightful and unconventional ways.

  • 2017 Black Rock City Honoraria Art Grant recipient -- bringing a 6' Japanese intention setting Daruma doll to Burning Man!