Denali Grace and Michael Wozich


My most recent endeavor is the book, Magic Tears, illustrated to help lift the spirits of children and anyone working through loss and grieving.

Illustrating "Magic Tears" is a culmination of my personal and professional life, intersecting with my artistic sensibilities. As a mother I raised three children while simultaneously creating and executing some of the very first art installations at Southern Oregon University. I spent many years subsequently teaching children and youths in day cares, Montessori pre-schools, and high school art programs. This life experience of combining art with youth education has inspired me to use my talents to help those in need.

My two other Children's Book Illustrations are:

2012 "Pony Boy: The Early Days" - Author - K.L. Stock
2012 "Pony Boy: My First Year" - Author - K.L. Stock


After my dear friend and author, Michael Wozich, suffered the tragic loss of his wife, he discovered that there were few books available for people needing support with this subject. He was inspired to write a book to help children and others with this emotional process.

Magic Tears is a collaboration between two artists who wish to spread hope, and healing through the power of their story.