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This documentary is about ethnic and cultural diversity in Liberia which is the major theme of the book, The Land of My Father's Birth.

Deep in the Shenandoah mountains in a small little forgotten town, creativity can still grow and thrive in the quite of the forest.

The "SIGNS" documentary is a short filmic rendition of the book, PLEASANTSIGNS. Through narrations, photos, video clips and music.

An intimate theatre experience about the beauty and complexity of Alzheimer's and aging, featuring a cast ranging in age from 8-80.

by Zephyr

The Balance In Between is a prelude to a new 3-year, 3-phase project by Zephyr director Michelle Kranicke.

A young man attempts suicide and ends up in a coma. Trapped between life and death he seeks his mind for peace and a second chance.

Drunk with the Starry Void is a performance of songs about grace and evil with a full-screen, continuous background of animated projections.

I have been invited to participate in The Arctic Circle residency program and I need help getting there!

by Mateen Kemet

Durfee Foundation Artists Resource for Completion (ARC) Grant

A short, narrative film showcasing Oakland CA through the eyes of a mysterious woman of the same name.