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This is a film about one brave African woman's struggle to overcome & confront the emotional scars of FGM and live a normal married life.

This project is an intensive time in the studio building a body of work that already has an outlet through galleries, architects & designers

To develop Ringwoodite, a one-man, show I will delve into my fears to reveal all of who I am to inspire audiences to follow their truths.

Trying to raise money for 12 weeks in Paris singing in an opera and auditioning for agents in Paris and around Europe.

Universal Language 21st Century Music Project will commission composers and musicians to create new music for an inaugural concert season.

VERNAE is an experimental dance film based on The Rite of Spring which investigates notions of urge, contagion, and identity.

We need to raise funding to produce the documentary Fightin' Outta Philly; The Sweet Science of Boxing.

What is 2^57,885,161 -1? The largest prime number currently known, and the subject of NGCB's interdisciplinary ballet. Please donate!

WOMEN ON TIME presents 7 original plays about women -- from suffragettes to corporate execs -- as they navigate thru an American century.