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by Edward Simon

Guggenheim Fellowship

Award-winning pianist Ed Simon reveals his love for Latin American songs in a new recording featuring his top-of-the-line jazz trio.

LGBTQ Seniors are hidden from the general population due to fear of rejection or physical abuse.

I had a dream of a white wall for my paintings...that dream will soon be a reality ... in NEW YORK, with your help.

I want to create a series that is dedicated to my healing, and inspiration for others who are struggling through difficulty in their lives.

Bring diversity to the rural South by allowing me to share the rich Latino culture through art.

The recording of my original music with my Quintet. I have composed new material over the past two years that needs to be documented.

Looking for help to create a large public mural in downtown Hamtramck, MI.

A double CD/LP release of original music by internationally acclaimed musician and composer, Richard Leo Johnson.

A series of large paintings to commemorate Antarctica( landscapes)