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The Harrisburg Dance Festival will be a free festival with events throughout the city of Harrisburg, PA during the month of June.


465m/sec is the speed of the Earth rotation and the culmination of Kay Nishikawa's creative process inspired by our planet as a life source.

We So Hapa is being created to promote diversity through inclusion, showcase multi-ethnic talent, and change the status quo.

On the 12th Day/Night of Christmas My Donors Give to Me, the opportunity to stage another Summer Festival Showcase with 12th NIGHTed.

CREATE! Interviews of world’s most acclaimed actors, actresses, artists, choreographers, dancers, directors, musicians, playwrights& singers

This is a mural for a small town Art center library. It is about inspiration and where to get it.

I will create a body of artwork connecting my research on toys and games to the Tyrone Guthrie Centre house at Annaghmakerrig.