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Provide many young artists with a platform to learn and grow and a workshop to produce a strong product for their portfolios.

I am producing a catalog that documents my project, Ground/Underground, and its installation at the University of Maine.

A high school dropout invents an all-terrain wheelchair that is a game changer for scores of paralyzed military veterans and civilians.

Recording and producing an album by Thee Shambels, a Brooklyn based folk-rock band.


A documentary exploring the meaning of the once and future art of puppetry, specifically European puppetry, in the 21st Century.

I'm composing a new piano concerto for grammy-winner Gloria Cheng and the Seattle Modern Orchestra, conducted by Julia Tai. I'm psyched!

Jackson Hardaker's first album of trombone heavy original modern/avant garde jazz compositions. Also features some other instruments.

We need to raise funding to produce the documentary Fightin' Outta Philly; The Sweet Science of Boxing.

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