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WE REMAIN PREPARED is a site specific performance in the Georgetown Steam Plant created by the Satori Group (Seattle) and ARTBARN (NYC).

Offshore Residency brings artists together for an intensive week at sea, where they will live, work and travel collectively on a sailboat.

The first burlesque and variety festival in the world that celebrates the beauty and strength of the black and brown body exclusively.

Seeking funding to make photographic collaborations with now-adult survivors of child sex trafficking in the Philippines.

Musicians from the US, Japan, Korea, and China unite to transform rural audiences into cultural ambassadors.

by "SHE"

Recording artist SHE, and her team of experts, are looking for funding for producing her new album, live show and subsequent music videos.

An arts-based educational program designed to enable incarcerated women and girls to strengthen and develop their sense of identity.

Honoring the memory of African American musical artists. A family-friendly, uplifting, inspiring celebration of dance, music & US history.