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Multimedia and socially engaged installation that uses my family history to explore the conflicted story of European Americans.

Nick and Nicky is a modern day screwball comedy and murder mystery inspired by the classic Hollywood comedies on the 1930s and 40s.

by Parallel Exit

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Swing Space

Parallel Exit will return by popular demand to New York, following its Drama Desk-nominated theatrical triumphs -- but only with your help!

Phat Cat is a collection of 10 songs - 9 original and 1 jazz standard played on nylon string and jazz guitars.

Project Grant is an interdisciplinary, socially engaged artist residency program that hosts one artist at a time out of the artists' home.

Provide many young artists with a platform to learn and grow and a workshop to produce a strong product for their portfolios.

Reincarnation: Energies is a series of portraits of people morphing into the form they believe their energy would be reincarnated into.

Seeking a grant to follow a group of Vietnam veterans as they return to the places they served in Vietnam in the 1960s and produce a DVD.