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The LEGEND SERIES, is a body of fine art sculpture of 25 famous Americans like Arthur Ashe, Muhammad Ali, Dr.MLK,Jr, Harriet Tubman, etc.

by Carl Johnson

Rasmuson Foundation Individual Artist Award

This book project will help educate about Alaska's Bristol Bay and aid in protecting the region from large-scale mineral development.

The "Mao to Now" exhibit will document the change that China has gone through in the last 35 years.

August Wilson's, The American Century Cycle, and The Lower Bottom Playaz; A celebration of the particular power of theater.

Michele Miller/Alana O Rogers modus operandi - October 10-12, 2014 - Seattle, WA

the plotter project, making the intangible tangible and generating value.

Sessions for Those with Cognitive Impairment Connecting Memory to Imagination Honoring Aging Adults’ Learning Principles

Why leave the comforts of home, family and friends, to live a monk-like existence with an enlightened Zen master?

by Terry Hunt

Artist Trust Grants for Artist Projects

Haiku is a feature film that brings together a rock star, a zen hermit and 3 strong female characters in an awe inspiring mountain valley.