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This project is to fund my first two-person show at En Em Art Space : a pivotal moment for me as an emerging artist.

Help fund the One Choice Vending Machine where your only decision is price.

Oregon Performance Lab is a creative residency dedicated to artists developing new live performance works in Eugene Oregon.

ALT MODE, is a live music show integrating dance & video mapping, set to the music of RYAT & directed by choreographer Kate Watson-Wallace.

This summer, underwater oil exploration in Baffin Bay will use seismic devices that can kill narwhals. Inuit are fighting to stop it.

by Christopher K. Morgan

Native Arts and Cultures Foundation Artist Fellowship

Help Christopher K. Morgan & Artists acquire the unique lighting instruments needed for their upcoming dance performance Limited Visibility.

Being George Clooney is a feature length documentary that delves into the creative, often humorous world of audio dubbing a Hollywood film.

by JJ Akau

Jason waits patiently every day to play ball with his dad, but a new job constantly pulls him further away.

Through a multi-media production, my family & I will tell our story: how navigating the architecture of our family freed and empowered us.