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The Sara McDonald Orchestra, a 22 piece indie-jazz ensemble from New York is working to complete their very first full length album!

Hello my name is Jözef Sumichrast, and I need your help to complete my current sculpture project. My current project is “The Elevation Ser

Can you help break the silence behind Domestic Violence?

This project documents the severe impacts of climate change upon the Heartland. I fear for the future of my two daughters and grandson.

Mental health novel that brings a complex personality disorder to young adults being turned into a movie to reach even more people in need!

TOUCH ME HERE: Choreographer Peggy Piacenza’s New One-Woman Show is a Hyper-human Breakdown of the Body in Motion

This is an all-visual film that takes place on a WWII submarine lost indefinitely at sea and one young officer's story.

Long time US/UG collaborators partner with ArtSpot Productions to finish Erik Ehn's play about the Rwandan genocide.

Industry of the Ordinary will contact all of the Jesuses who reside in the city of Chicago and offer to make their portraits.