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Short film starring an ensemble of 17 actors with Down syndrome searching for a legendary treasure in 1940's Chicago.

by Terri Garland

Arts Council Silicon Valley Artist Fellowship

I am making a film that traces the history of environmental injustice in underserved and economically disadvantaged communities.

A film about relationships, the gray areas of sexuality, and the complexity of female awareness.

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The "SIGNS" documentary is a short filmic rendition of the book, PLEASANTSIGNS. Through narrations, photos, video clips and music.

I am seeking your support to produce a new body of work for a solo exhibition in December.

Travel Postcards from Nanook the 3-legged Siberian husky

This is a project using modern graphic design in a traditional, Japanese wood-block printing technique, with emphasis on color and space.

A documentary exploring the meaning of the once and future art of puppetry, specifically European puppetry, in the 21st Century.