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by Amy "Catfox" Campion

Durfee Foundation Artists Resource for Completion (ARC) Grant

Sneaker Suites is a performance collaboration between Antics and story architect Mark Gonzales.

Land Art projects that will be made in the backcountries across these Great United States, capturing its moods and rhythms with the Earth.

Emily Free Wilson & Matt Wilson of Free Ceramics in Helena, Montana is expanding and growing. Happy art, studios and collaborating!

PDX Soul is saxophonist Hailey Niswanger's 3rd album project, featuring funk, soul jazz, R&B music, and 17 Portland professional musicians.

by Anna Tonna

Bronx Council on the Arts BRIO Fellowship

"España alla Rossini" is a sound disc that highlights the relationship between Gioacchino Rossini and the music of 19th century Spain.

A contemplative 'portrait in passing' of LA sifted through the vestiges of personal story and historical narratives of religion.

'Fursonas' is a feature-length documentary that takes an intimate look into the lives of several fursuiters around the country.

Industry of the Ordinary will contact all of the Jesuses who reside in the city of Chicago and offer to make their portraits.

Can you help break the silence behind Domestic Violence?