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New Dance Alliance is seeking support for artists' fees for the 30th Anniversary Performance Mix Festival.

On the 12th Day/Night of Christmas My Donors Give to Me, the opportunity to stage another Summer Festival Showcase with 12th NIGHTed.

ORGANVM PERCEPTVS: Machine deconstructions of the Great American Songbook

by Paige Barnes

Artist Trust Grants for Artist Projects

PALMS is new work that combines dance, music, poetry, and architectural design to portray the story of a wild animal turning into a woman.

Raising funds to host up to 20 artists from around the world invited to paint murals under one tent during the 10th Global Mural Conference.

Real music that brings an authentic voice to real people.


See I’m Bleeding All Over the Place: A Living History Tour of theater, the everyday, conflict and your own will to make meaning with us.

Seeking funding to make photographic collaborations with now-adult survivors of child sex trafficking in the Philippines.

Send me to Havana to paint for a month! Look at my video Parish_Process of Vimeo. I will be among the first artists at this new residency.