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Singer seeks artists dead or alive to make beautiful movies together. Pianist enters stage right. Clowns are stage left. Trees everywhere.

The Future Present will create relatable connections with the perspectives of historical figures from the past, into our contemporary minds.

A musical project exploring what one will find in losing his or herself amongst a world of borrowed identities and dreams.

A project to commission several hours of piano music from Randy Gibson and Adrian Knight.

I will experiment with two different types of installation pieces: biomorphic forms resembling the deep ocean and projected animated videos.

by John Powers

Center for Cultural Innovation (CCI) Investing in Artists Grants Program

I want your support to translate for Spanish-reading children and adults QUEEN OF SKY ISLAND, my recent adaptation of an L. Frank Baum story

Help us bring an end to suicide by telling a uniquely transformational story through spreading a message of unconditional love and courage.

Br(OK)en Genius is a visual, musical, literary & performance art experience birthed from the story of a child of the city of Milwaukee.

Everyone comes to a crossroad. Join five unique women from one family as they explore everything from difficult relationships to identity.