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Connie Converse recorded hours of music and wrote letters that transcend time, then disappeared. We're trying to tell her story.

Chiara Quartet is recording Bartók’s six string quartets by heart with the Grammy-winning recording team at Azica Records

The Pursuit of Justice is a new play written by LGBTQ youth ensemble members of LOUD in New Orleans.

A setting for women's voices of the five songs by women in the Bible.

A former medical doctor who must travel to the town of Circle, Michigan to inherit a mystery from an aunt he never met.

Joesph Anderson is in the wrong place at the right time. He is the Bait.

help us get to Nashville TN. to celebrate my new CD release.

Artist Kimberly Callas seeks funding for durable outdoor casting materials for her art project 'Portrait of the Ecological Self'.

I had a dream of a white wall for my paintings...that dream will soon be a reality ... in NEW YORK, with your help.