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The Fallopian Collection is a series of paintings exploring stages, complexities & controversies of womens reproductive system & witchcraft

Art teacher to special needs/autism and juvenile rehabilitation students, wants to create original watercolors of the Sierra wilderness.

Here is Now is an album consisting of 10 songs. This campaign is to collect funds to pay for the fees of producing the album.

Color and animals both are historically proven to lower stress and improve mood. I use both aspects in my paintings.

Become an Architect of Change today by donating to our community mural project that will transform both the participants and East Wheeling.

Clouds/Cows is a two part performance piece about Clouds, Cows and why we should all slow the f*** down.

Every dollar helps our Superhero defeat his demons, overcome his obstacles, to make the world a better place.

Automotive Photo Exhibition

Theatre to feed the hungry.