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I'm composing a new piano concerto for grammy-winner Gloria Cheng and the Seattle Modern Orchestra, conducted by Julia Tai. I'm psyched!

A sailing expedition to the arctic with The Arctic Circle's Summer 2015 expeditionary residency in Svalbard.

Reincarnation: Energies is a series of portraits of people morphing into the form they believe their energy would be reincarnated into.

by Mateen Kemet

Durfee Foundation Artists Resource for Completion (ARC) Grant

A short, narrative film showcasing Oakland CA through the eyes of a mysterious woman of the same name.

Hunters to Skull Island

"A Fleeting Animal" is an opera Erik Nielsen composed with librettist David Budbill in 2000 and is revising for a new production in 2015.


A documentary exploring the meaning of the once and future art of puppetry, specifically European puppetry, in the 21st Century.

Biet Simkin is making a new record, The Lunar, this 8 song record will be a devotional record that will break hearts open and change lives.

Drunk with the Starry Void is a performance of songs about grace and evil with a full-screen, continuous background of animated projections.