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Below, you'll find the amazing projects newly launched by some of America's most talented artists. But they need your help. They need your support to help them transform their creative dreams into reality. So get exploring. Find the projects that resonate with you. Support work that captivates and inspires you.

My video on my First fund project on creating art in juxtaposition with music

india : a painted journey - a collection of paintings from travels in india

Why leave the comforts of home, family and friends, to live a monk-like existence with an enlightened Zen master?

the plotter project, making the intangible tangible and generating value.

A group of friends during their days of glory; a universal tale of the fire that burns in all of us and the dreams we once had.

Measuring g (design blocks) is a photographic project investigating the design block portion of and intelligence test.

"September Skies" is a concert of music for winds on 9/14; the purpose of this project is to cover expenses for this presentation.

Long time US/UG collaborators partner with ArtSpot Productions to finish Erik Ehn's play about the Rwandan genocide.

Paper puppetry and stop motion animation to teach conflict resolution to urban teens; development and publication of a curriculum.