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Highly skilled combination of music performance and movement elements of yoga and gymnastics.

Fightin' Outta Philly is a boxing documentary that celebrates and explores the legendary Philadelphia boxer and boxing culture.


Luz, a flamenco project honoring mothers who live and work as artists, will present American flamenco dancer and mother, Mele Martinez.

Five artists collaborate in a multidisciplinary collaboration-- a modern-day ritual-- exploring an interconnected universe.

A series of billboards about the relationship between water, pollution, energy and diet, with an emphasis on the drought in California.

When one man's shame meets an economic downturn, the result is the horrific demise of an entire family.

Our Bodies. Our Lives. is an exploration into the way LGBTQ people see themselves and how others see them.

Document Cuba is an artistic collaboration and documentation project aimed to shed light on Cuban-American collaboration and relationship.

by Erin V. Sotak

McColl Center Artist in Residence

Got Water? My Your Our Water is a social engagement project using aesthetics to talk about water.