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The Sugar Project is a large scale social engagement art installation creating meaningful dialogue about the commodification of women.

Help Trace Ramsey (author) and Pioneers Press (publisher) print a new book of creative nonfiction, essays, and poetry.

SHIFT brings you true stories of amazing people who have experienced major shifts, leading to finding true meaning in their work and life.

Wounded warrior/jewelry artist with AMAZING story of strength will create fine jewelry collection to honor female warriors killed in combat.

Respected German neo-modernist painter Susanna Schulten, currently living in U.S., seeks support for 2017 shows in England, Germany, Italy.

Epic Sci-fi about a bad ass female captain. Need 50,000.00 to make her come to life!

Chamber Blues takes you places you have never been before

Artist and writer Bob Flanagan's final masterwork, The Book of Medicine, has remained unpublished for twenty years. Help us print it.

by Sy Nur

4 songs Ep album to showcase my vocals, and songwriting ability and to touch peoples hearts.