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Mental health novel that brings a complex personality disorder to young adults being turned into a movie to reach even more people in need!

I will experiment with two different types of installation pieces: biomorphic forms resembling the deep ocean and projected animated videos.

This project documents the severe impacts of climate change upon the Heartland. I fear for the future of my two daughters and grandson.

2/3s of all firearm deaths in the USA are suicides. #BTH brings the numbers to the dinner table, looking at guns through a whole new lens.

Long time US/UG collaborators partner with ArtSpot Productions to finish Erik Ehn's play about the Rwandan genocide.

The LEGEND SERIES, is a body of fine art sculpture of 25 famous Americans like Arthur Ashe, Muhammad Ali, Dr.MLK,Jr, Harriet Tubman, etc.

india : a painted journey - a collection of paintings from travels in india

Sessions for Those with Cognitive Impairment Connecting Memory to Imagination Honoring Aging Adults’ Learning Principles


The PJCE is raising money to support its 14-15 concert season! Help us to commission and perform new music for large jazz ensemble!