Dive into a World of Artistic Brilliance.

Below, you'll find amazing projects launched by some of America's most talented artists. They need your support to help them transform their creative dreams into reality. So get exploring. Find the projects that resonate with you and make a donation today!

What's YOUR Problem? //A Deep Space Lounge Act// Based on a true story of bodily malfunction, human decay and alien invasion. with songs!

Help bring our three giant puppets to life! These 15' behemoths have a starring role in our June performance along with our circus artists.

Short film on Robert Louis Stevenson (Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Treasure Island) in San Francisco by young female filmmakers.

The New Mexico Transect is an artist's journey that re-traces the trail of the Spanish Conquistadors through New Mexico in the 16th century.

An artist residency to create a series of figurative paintings that explore emotion, space and psychological expression.

An evening of dance with Jessica and Brandi filled with self discovery and inspiration. Find your inspiration with us.

Leslie K. Gray will create a series of shadow-art installation pieces at CENTENARY UMC for Lent 2015 reflecting the Way of the Cross.

Help us fund "The Clark Doll: A Bedtime Story" at Manhattan Rep, exploring subtle micro-aggressions & self-hate within the Black community.

(UNDER)COVER is a multi-disciplanary work for two dancers to be explored via a 2015 Princess Grace Foundation Works In Progress Residency