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Hunters to Skull Island

In an immersive dance-theatre staging this new adaptation uses Tchaikovsky's music to depict the life-story of a woman named Clara.

The 'Humans Project' is an experiential performative installation to be created during our residency at the Mana Contemporary, Winter 2015.

Funding for a 3 month residency at the The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation, an artists retreat in Taos, New Mexico for the winter of 2015.

Kiln raising campaign to build a ceramics studio for artists to gather and work in an outdoor studio in our residence location.

A series of visually deceiving paintings. A "trick the senses" sort of thing that encourages physical interaction with the viewer's senses.

Attend Artist Residency in the Arctic Circle to create new work with installation, performance, photography, and video in the landscape.


A documentary exploring the meaning of the once and future art of puppetry, specifically European puppetry, in the 21st Century.