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Short film starring an ensemble of 17 actors with Down syndrome searching for a legendary treasure in 1940's Chicago.

December 2014, a Nightmarish Fashion Show will descend upon Las Vegas. The characters of The Nightmare Before Xmas will be brought to life!


by Castillo

City of LA Cultural Affairs Department COLA Award

A 10ft sculpture - ball of white canvas strips for the Prospect 3 Biennial in New Orleans. To be installed in the front yard of a home.

Mental health novel that brings a complex personality disorder to young adults being turned into a movie to reach even more people in need!

by Karen Bernard

Puffin Foundation Artist Grants

Triskelion Arts presents Karen Bernard/Solo: 1993-1996 It Could Have Been Different and premiere of Suspending and Other Tricks.

The Sara McDonald Orchestra, a 22 piece indie-jazz ensemble from New York is working to complete their very first full length album!

by Terry Hunt

Artist Trust Grants for Artist Projects

Haiku is a feature film that brings together a rock star, a zen hermit and 3 strong female characters in an awe inspiring mountain valley.

For EXPO CHICAGO 2014, Erik L. Peterson is creating a 40 foot-long neon sculpture in the form of a gigantic pink ooze.

Industry of the Ordinary will contact all of the Jesuses who reside in the city of Chicago and offer to make their portraits.