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This is a continuing project focusing on women's compulsive behavior regarding body image.

by fidget

Can pattern emerge from the pulsed production of space by/through the body? SP3: A new performance work with dance and music by fidget.

A group of sex workers in NYC are collaborating together to bring you a revival of Mae West's iconic play, SEX, at Dixon Place.

The Harrisburg Dance Festival will be a free festival with events throughout the city of Harrisburg, PA during the month of June.

Help me to bring Leaves of Grass - Uncut to New York, and into the world. I need $ to pay artists and for travel, and equipment.

Honoring the memory of African American musical artists. A family-friendly, uplifting, inspiring celebration of dance, music & US history.

Help me expand the scale of my studio work this summer in North Portland. The final mural will be eighty feet across.

This is a mural for a small town Art center library. It is about inspiration and where to get it.


465m/sec is the speed of the Earth rotation and the culmination of Kay Nishikawa's creative process inspired by our planet as a life source.