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A series of visually deceiving paintings. A "trick the senses" sort of thing that encourages physical interaction with the viewer's senses.

Attend Artist Residency in the Arctic Circle to create new work with installation, performance, photography, and video in the landscape.

The iconography of 12 Saints whimsically re-imagined using the renaissance era technology of etching

Nick and Nicky is a modern day screwball comedy and murder mystery inspired by the classic Hollywood comedies on the 1930s and 40s.

by Terri Garland

Arts Council Silicon Valley Artist Fellowship

I am making a film that traces the history of environmental injustice in underserved and economically disadvantaged communities.

Emily Free Wilson & Matt Wilson of Free Ceramics in Helena, Montana is expanding and growing. Happy art, studios and collaborating!

An ongoing project to develop my painting and prepare for three shows.

"Along for the Ride" will record an album of the music of Brazilian composer Antonio Carlos Jobim, in Spanish, English, Italian, and French

Captured by a camera, dancers move along a pathway through The Garden of Infinite Compassion to envision its effect on the human psyche.