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by Zephyr

The Balance In Between is a prelude to a new 3-year, 3-phase project by Zephyr director Michelle Kranicke.

Funding for a 3 month residency at the The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation, an artists retreat in Taos, New Mexico for the winter of 2015.

San Francisco's, heart is diseased. From Ellis Act evictions, to Greg Gopman's rant on the homeless and tech's responsibility to give back.

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Captured by a camera, dancers move along a pathway through The Garden of Infinite Compassion to envision its effect on the human psyche.

Land Art projects that will be made in the backcountries across these Great United States, capturing its moods and rhythms with the Earth.

“The Moon Reader, an installation based on a raised-letter writing system for the blind, invented by blind educator William Moon in 1845.

Short film starring an ensemble of 17 actors with Down syndrome searching for a legendary treasure in 1940's Chicago.

The "SIGNS" documentary is a short filmic rendition of the book, PLEASANTSIGNS. Through narrations, photos, video clips and music.