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I will experiment with two different types of installation pieces: biomorphic forms resembling the deep ocean and projected animated videos.

Can you help break the silence behind Domestic Violence?

the plotter project, making the intangible tangible and generating value.

2/3s of all firearm deaths in the USA are suicides. #BTH brings the numbers to the dinner table, looking at guns through a whole new lens.

Measuring g (design blocks) is a photographic project investigating the design block portion of and intelligence test.

by John Powers

Center for Cultural Innovation (CCI) Investing in Artists Grants Program

I want your support to translate for Spanish-reading children and adults QUEEN OF SKY ISLAND, my recent adaptation of an L. Frank Baum story

San Francisco's, heart is diseased. From Ellis Act evictions, to Greg Gopman's rant on the homeless and tech's responsibility to give back.

The "Mao to Now" exhibit will document the change that China has gone through in the last 35 years.

Singer seeks artists dead or alive to make beautiful movies together. Pianist enters stage right. Clowns are stage left. Trees everywhere.