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This comedic series of self-deprecating and exaggerated narratives depicts one man's personal struggle through different phases of his life.

I have been working on a manuscript for my theory and practices, the Six Viewpoints, for over two decades.

Painting 1 woman from each country (257). Exploring feminine diversity, inspiring new perspectives, sharing stories, creating connections.

No Boundaries, a music education project, goes to South Africa so create a forum for teaching, learning and cultural exchange.

Support ANIKAYA Dance Diplomacy's upcoming projects in Benin, Brazil, India and Turkey.

I want to create a series of paintings and visual pieces to spread awareness and record what is happening in Venezuela.

AIM Brain Exchange is raising funds youth and tech development programming.

I will explore relationships between the social and ecological systems of domination, using the black female body as a origin of reference.

I make large scale sculptural wax and resin paintings. I recently won a large solo show. Please help me cover the production costs.