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Chances is producing a 10-year retrospective of work by Critical Fierceness Grant winners, party organizers, and our queer community.

A young man attempts suicide and ends up in a coma. Trapped between life and death he seeks his mind for peace and a second chance.

An ongoing project to develop my painting and prepare for three shows.

Two consecutive retreats for female theatre directors of color will launch Fuller Road, a new artist residency in Vermont.

"Along for the Ride" will record an album of the music of Brazilian composer Antonio Carlos Jobim, in Spanish, English, Italian, and French

An intimate theatre experience about the beauty and complexity of Alzheimer's and aging, featuring a cast ranging in age from 8-80.

A film about relationships, the gray areas of sexuality, and the complexity of female awareness.

Attend Artist Residency in the Arctic Circle to create new work with installation, performance, photography, and video in the landscape.

A contemplative 'portrait in passing' of LA sifted through the vestiges of personal story and historical narratives of religion.