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Below, you'll find amazing projects launched by some of America's most talented artists. They need your support to help them transform their creative dreams into reality. So get exploring. Find the projects that resonate with you and make a donation today!

No Boundaries, a music education project, goes to South Africa so create a forum for teaching, learning and cultural exchange.

On September 23, 24, 2016, at Broadway Performance Hall, Catapult Dance will present two new works-Resistance and Things That Must Be Earned

Support ANIKAYA Dance Diplomacy's upcoming projects in Benin, Brazil, India and Turkey.

"The Black Crook", rumored to be the first American musical, celebrates its 150th anniversary this September. Help us make history.

My project is to create a 28-page, color catalog of black marble sculptures for upcoming exhibitions at Massey Lyuben Gallery in NYC.

Celebrate and partner with Florida Dance Theatre, as we perform in the 35th annual The Battery Dance Festival this summer!

AIM Brain Exchange is raising funds youth and tech development programming.

The remastered version of my first self published book, a book full of action, humor, and heart, not to mention elemental superpowers.

Make It Go is the Improv of Things. It is the Exquisite Corpse of Design. It is the Cloud Factory of Art.