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What is 2^57,885,161 -1? The largest prime number currently known, and the subject of NGCB's interdisciplinary ballet. Please donate!

SOCIAL SECURITY is a new play by Christina Masciotti, directed by Paul Lazar, premiering at The Bushwick Starr in February 2015.

I plan to travel the United States photographically documenting sites where police violence resulting in fatalities have taken place.

Phat Cat is a collection of 10 songs - 9 original and 1 jazz standard played on nylon string and jazz guitars.

Seeking a grant to follow a group of Vietnam veterans as they return to the places they served in Vietnam in the 1960s and produce a DVD.

A Visual Exploration of Christianity’s Story is an artistic contemplation of my faith, prayer life, how religion shapes me and my drawings.

Kensaku Shinohara and Gabrielle Revlock are presenting playtime, a structured improvisation work in dance festivals in Japan February 2015.

Explore painting/printmaking with modern equipment to find/expose new ways of seeing and write/illustrate/publish an essay on the work.

Support the creation of two exciting new works by composers Amadeus Regucera and David Coll for the SF Bay Area's Left Coast Ensemble!