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MUSE is a 9 woman, interdisciplinary dance project portraying femininity in the form of the 9 Muses from Greek mythology.

This is just the 2 minute trailer so wait for what's coming in a theater near you soon a 3 hour movie.

FLUX- A mixed-media performance which incorporates various artistic elements such as dance, live painting, digital art, and design.

"The Paper Caves" Will allow viewers to wind through an otherworldly sculptural space completely surrounded intricately placed paper cones

We are rewriting history; the story of Anna, an enslaved woman who threw herself from a third floor window, survived, and won her freedom.

What is the sports fan experience? Many facets are revealed in this exploration of Cubs fans' 108-year quest for a World Series win.

THEATREdART's 10th season includes some of the most ambitious theatre we've ever attempted - both original works and popular titles!

This event will explore the concept of the savage, how this term facilitated acts of oppression and enslavement, and it's affects today.

Edison, a new play by Joshua Logan Walker, seeks support to propel the story of Nikola Tesla in a wide array of European Theatre Festivals.