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"fantasia upon…" explores the unstable nature of self identity and investigates how love is possible in this landscape of discontinuity.

by Janie Geiser

California Community Foundation Fellowships for Visual Artists

FUGITIVE TIME is a multidisciplinary performance inspired by dual histories of illness and health in Los Angeles in the early 20th Century.

by Diana Cignoni

Anonymous Was a Woman Awards

Blood Wolf is a film about passion that goes too far. Abusive relationships are dangerous. Our character Stella finds a way out of it.

Help The Motor Company pay our artists, fund the annual Communal Spaces garden play festival, and prepare for the future.

Br(OK)en Genius is a visual, musical, literary & performance art experience birthed from the story of a child of the city of Milwaukee.

Michele Miller/Alana O Rogers modus operandi - October 10-12, 2014 - Seattle, WA

"4o Years on The Farm" chronicles the history of America's oldest hippie commune, The Farm, in Summertown, Tennessee.

2/3s of all firearm deaths in the USA are suicides. #BTH brings the numbers to the dinner table, looking at guns through a whole new lens.

A project to commission several hours of piano music from Randy Gibson and Adrian Knight.