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VAMP's mission, is to find, restore, catalog and make accessible films made in Vermont, by Vermonters, and/or about Vermont.

Five lives collide in a swirl of music, addiction, friendship and fading memories.

Seeking funding to make photographic collaborations with now-adult survivors of child sex trafficking in the Philippines.

CREATE! Interviews of world’s most acclaimed actors, actresses, artists, choreographers, dancers, directors, musicians, playwrights& singers

A documentary film which seeks the answer to why mental, emotional and behavioral disorders have reached epidemic proportions in the US.

Musicians from the US, Japan, Korea, and China unite to transform rural audiences into cultural ambassadors.

I have photographed portraits of the things we hide (yet which connect us), and plan to print a photo book that displays these photos.

African American adults immerse themselves in the humanities. Their studies give rise to vigorous debate and some unexpected life changes.

An arts-based educational program designed to enable incarcerated women and girls to strengthen and develop their sense of identity.