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by Katarina Jerinic

MacDowell Colony Fellowship

Cloud Drift: A series of flags transforming the Gowanus Canal’s murky surface into sublimely cloudy skies

Instagramica moves my exploration of the relationship of photography to painting into the digital realm.

our goal is to create a film documentary and visual gallery series highlighting mental health topics of anxiety and depression.

MegaPrayer uses a blinking, monumentally scaled rosary to both pay homage to the power of the spiritual experience and to poke fun at the ex

Tough Skin is a movement that inspires recognition and serenity in your own skin. Developing photographic documentation, to educate global.

Improvised Alchemy brings together diverse practices across genres to create socially-committed transmedia work.

FLUX- A mixed-media performance which incorporates various artistic elements such as dance, live painting, digital art, and design.

"The Paper Caves" Will allow viewers to wind through an otherworldly sculptural space completely surrounded intricately placed paper cones

This event will explore the concept of the savage, how this term facilitated acts of oppression and enslavement, and it's affects today.