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Asking the world for help to make it possible to accept the offer to intern this summer for the Galway International Arts Festival!

Inspired by Washington’s green, Pre-Raphaelites, and movement in plants, this work by the means of art reaches archetypal locus amoenus.

Together/Endjuntos: The first-ever English/Ladino bilingual holiday recording and musical educational resource.

Flute masterclass with Sergio Pallotelli at the Castello di Sorci in Anghiari, Tuscany.

Heartside Harmony is a group of extraordinary, diverse artists presenting chamber music concerts and uplifting and empowering people in need

I auditioned for, have been selected, and need to secure funds to attend AIMS in Graz, the leading summer vocal program in Graz, Austria.

This campaign is to help Mr. Wildenfree restore positive direction & insightful meaning to hip-hop culture through meaningful storytelling.

Help me provide free housing to at-risk young adults in need.

Each song is a chapter in a story about an injured birds migration, travels, and his return home transformed