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by Shin-Young An

New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship

Oil on Mixed Media

Musical & rhythmic exploration pairing a fiddler with landmark drummers and percussionists - documented through videos and recordings.

by Kepler Quartet

The Argosy Foundation Contemporary Music Fund

Help us to record the most challenging String Quartet Cycle ever written—now focusing on Ben Johnston’s microtonal String Quartet No. 6.

An exhibition of work, by sound and visual artist, Stephanie Taylor, titled, Samoa, Los Angeles Museum of Art (LAMOA), Highland Park, CA


The moments that define us can tear us apart - or bring us home.

by Gerald Drake

The Playwrights' Center McKnight Theater Artist Fellowship

I am seeking to raise $5,950 to have 35 hours of audio tapes typed so they can be edited.

by Lawrence McFarland

Guggenheim Fellowship

Dodge City to Ship Rock will be a retrospective survey my photographic practice.

American Communion: Healing Wounds documents the healing process of combat veterans in the US