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For our first "state-specific" theatre tour, Agile Rascal is creating a play in, about and for Montana, with theatre and bike workshops

A dance illuminating the powers of aggressive masculinity and the potential to change. Our message is timely and we want your help.

by Alexandra Shilling/alexx makes dances

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Manhattan Community Arts Fund

A month in residency with Yiddishkayt's Helix Project, conducting embodied, artistic fieldwork in former sites of Yiddish culture.

A site-specific, multi-disciplinary exploration of the impermanence and transience of wind and words

An inspiring, family-friendly, uplifting celebration of dance, music & American history. We build cross cultural and generational bridges.

Ashley is a graduate student pursuing a 7+ year street/hip hop dance training opportunity with hip hop icon Rennie Harris.

Asking the world for help to make it possible to accept the offer to intern this summer for the Galway International Arts Festival!

Be a part of my journey to the Venice Biennale Art Fair, a dream of mine since I was a child! Your support can make this dream come true!

Can heavenly bodies keep us warm in death?