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A series of billboards about the relationship between water, pollution, energy and diet, with an emphasis on the drought in California.


When one man's shame meets an economic downturn, the result is the horrific demise of an entire family.

Zed's Pumpkin Patch is a digital picture book using advanced game technology to tell a series of real time immersive, non-violent stories.

Emerging performance artist Lindsay Cashews hopes to establish art collective, Skandoughless.

Excellence Happens is an artistic initiative aimed to support Hawaii's talent through screen, stage & photography. Support local artists NOW


This fusion for the stage of music, dance, theater, science, technology, and medicine asks, "What's going on when we're with each other?"

A short film about one women's struggle to define her place in the world.

Ahimsa is an international collaboration of virtuoso musicians celebrating the power of non­violence through a dynamic multi­media concert.

Document Cuba is an artistic collaboration and documentation project aimed to shed light on Cuban-American collaboration and relationship.