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by Katarina Jerinic

MacDowell Colony Fellowship

Cloud Drift: A series of flags transforming the Gowanus Canal’s murky surface into sublimely cloudy skies

The Wetback is a short film that takes place in a working-class Latino neighborhood where emotional reality is as real as objective reality.

Support the vision of NGCB: cross-disciplinary work between art and academia - re-defining ballet for the 21st century.

We’re asking for your support for LOUD’s fourth production written entirely by our Youth Ensemble.

Stephanie Liapis and the UW Harry Partch Institute team up for a unique evening of music and dance at Meany Studio Theater this June!

Instagramica moves my exploration of the relationship of photography to painting into the digital realm.

Ashley is a graduate student pursuing a 7+ year street/hip hop dance training opportunity with hip hop icon Rennie Harris.

our goal is to create a film documentary and visual gallery series highlighting mental health topics of anxiety and depression.

A glimpse behind the velvet curtain of this strangely hilarious and unbelievably horrifying journey in and out of a cult.