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Epic Sci-fi about a bad ass female captain. Need 50,000.00 to make her come to life!

by Sy Nur

4 songs Ep album to showcase my vocals, and songwriting ability and to touch peoples hearts.

The Hopefuls are a punk political satire band from Philadelphia, PA. We need your help to throw a crazy political party.

A life size nude art installation where the viewers can become paticipants and engage in the manipulation of art.

Adult puppetry based on the life of Cantor Glickstein, holding on to faith and tradition through the violent diaspora of the 20th century.

Support our project: Help us to fund our first full-length album of music and poetry, titled “Like the Tide.”

Wounded warrior/jewelry artist with AMAZING story of strength will create fine jewelry collection to honor female warriors killed in combat.

by Stephanie Skura

Art Matters Grant

Dance performance directed by Stephanie Skura, in collaboration with a dream-team of seven splendid dancer/choreographers.

Respected German neo-modernist painter Susanna Schulten, currently living in U.S., seeks support for 2017 shows in England, Germany, Italy.