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The "SIGNS" documentary is a short filmic rendition of the book, PLEASANTSIGNS. Through narrations, photos, video clips and music.

This is a project using modern graphic design in a traditional, Japanese wood-block printing technique, with emphasis on color and space.

Provide many young artists with a platform to learn and grow and a workshop to produce a strong product for their portfolios.

Kiln raising campaign to build a ceramics studio for artists to gather and work in an outdoor studio in our residence location.

The Brattleboro Art Museum in VT has invited me to create an exterior sculpture for the front of the Museum in the spring of 2015.


This is the first instructional Persian dance book ever to be published. The manuscript is written and funding is needed for publishing it.

An intimate theatre experience about the beauty and complexity of Alzheimer's and aging, featuring a cast ranging in age from 8-80.

Chances is producing a 10-year retrospective of work by Critical Fierceness Grant winners, party organizers, and our queer community.

In an immersive dance-theatre staging this new adaptation uses Tchaikovsky's music to depict the life-story of a woman named Clara.