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A Visual Exploration of Christianity’s Story is an artistic contemplation of my faith, prayer life, how religion shapes me and my drawings.

Explore painting/printmaking with modern equipment to find/expose new ways of seeing and write/illustrate/publish an essay on the work.

Support the creation of two exciting new works by composers Amadeus Regucera and David Coll for the SF Bay Area's Left Coast Ensemble!

by Ryan Pierce

Oregon Arts Commission Individual Artist Fellowship

A subscription-based project that considers a coal export corridor through the lens of the history of industrial exploitation in the West.

I have been contacted by galleries to exhibition and representation. Please help me bring this into reality.

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CENTRAL PARK DARK is about a one night stand that turns into a never-ending nightmare. It's a horror film as a metaphor for addiction.

The work is based on "Romancero Gitano" by Federico García Lorca, a production where dance, theater, music and song are combined.

CIRCADIAN SPHERES OF LIGHT The project Circadian Spheres Of Light, from Saxophonist, Composer,Bandleader Andrew Lamb/The Black Lamb