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I have been selected by a juried panel lead by Tracey Emin to participate in London's The Other Art Fair this October - please support me!

Plastic consumption: Experiment of layers of material and colors. Drawn elements of plastic materials create artificial nature illusions.

San Francisco's, heart is diseased. From Ellis Act evictions, to Greg Gopman's rant on the homeless and tech's responsibility to give back.

"fantasia upon…" explores the unstable nature of self identity and investigates how love is possible in this landscape of discontinuity.

Jody Kuehner, aka Cherdonna Shinatra, creates her first evening length Cherdonna Show, Worth My Salt -a one-of-a-kind dance spectacular.

December 2014, a Nightmarish Fashion Show will descend upon Las Vegas. The characters of The Nightmare Before Xmas will be brought to life!

"Final Day" an original historical dramatic musical taking place in a German prison camp on May 7, 1945, the final day of WWII in Europe.

Tía Chuck is a documentary film following the life and work of the late artist and graphic designer Chuck Ramirez.

by Diana Cignoni

Anonymous Was a Woman Awards

Blood Wolf is a film about passion that goes too far. Abusive relationships are dangerous. Our character Stella finds a way out of it.