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A glimpse behind the velvet curtain of this strangely hilarious and unbelievably horrifying journey in and out of a cult.

We are creating an anthology series, akin to the Twilight Zone or Black Mirror, but for YouTube. 10 terrifying tales by 10 filmmakers.

Heartside Harmony is a group of extraordinary, diverse artists presenting chamber music concerts and uplifting and empowering people in need

The Wetback is a short film that takes place in a working-class Latino neighborhood where emotional reality is as real as objective reality.

MegaPrayer uses a blinking, monumentally scaled rosary to both pay homage to the power of the spiritual experience and to poke fun at the ex

Be a part of my journey to the Venice Biennale Art Fair, a dream of mine since I was a child! Your support can make this dream come true!

Improvised Alchemy brings together diverse practices across genres to create socially-committed transmedia work.

This film shares the inspiring life story of Ian Horvath, a man who sought to make the US a more loving and accepting place through dance.

Tough Skin is a movement that inspires recognition and serenity in your own skin. Developing photographic documentation, to educate global.