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Chamber Blues takes you places you have never been before

Freedom Riders; The Civil Rights Musical is ready for it's next installment!

My project will be an engineered model of a famous roller coaster that can serve as an inspirational, educational, and historical resource.

BRASS: The Audio Serial Season 2 continues the rollicking adventures of a quartet of science geniuses in a 19th century very unlike our own.


Shakespeare's The Tempest performed with an ensemble cast set in the period of The Vikings, using the cast as both sound and set.

Wounded warrior/jewelry artist with AMAZING story of strength will create fine jewelry collection to honor female warriors killed in combat.


Breath contests, deflations and people propped up by plastic inflatable furniture. When is support enough, too much, or not enough?

We're taking Beethoven's music out of the museum & back to the street, on a musical thrill ride that combines symphonies with improvisation.

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