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Financial Slavery (working title) is a multimedia theatrical evening exploring the issues of student loans and college debt.

Multimedia and socially engaged installation that uses my family history to explore the conflicted story of European Americans.

I will be conveying the beauty of waterfowl through the medium of coloured pencils to raise awareness for habitat conservation.

This project is an intensive time in the studio building a body of work that already has an outlet through galleries, architects & designers

WOMEN ON TIME presents 7 original plays about women -- from suffragettes to corporate execs -- as they navigate thru an American century.

by Rachel Pope

DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities Individual Artist Grants

Artistry with a Twist is an intergenerational artistic project for seniors & children to work in unity to build healthier homes as a team.

"Red Socks Adventures", a comedy film using a little speaking toy exploring meaning of life.

Finishing funds for a documentary about surviving mental illness & violence, finding courage for recovery, and discovering the beauty inside

What is 2^57,885,161 -1? The largest prime number currently known, and the subject of NGCB's interdisciplinary ballet. Please donate!