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"United" is about the lives of 40 who made a fateful decision on 9/11, and a woman's search for a birth parent she believes died among them.

CIRCADIAN SPHERES OF LIGHT The project Circadian Spheres Of Light, from Saxophonist, Composer,Bandleader Andrew Lamb/The Black Lamb

A collaborative mixed media art exhibit by Mohsin Shafi (Pakistan) & Andrew Purchin (USA) explores edges of intimacy in a time of conflict.

by Rachel Pope

DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities Individual Artist Grants

Artistry with a Twist is an intergenerational artistic project for seniors & children to work in unity to build healthier homes as a team.

by Aya Ogawa

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Swing Space

A multi-lingual, multi-media, interactive play in which memory, fantasy and virtual reality collide to explore the human drive for survival.


Help me create historical paintings of the old west that reflect the diverse culture of early immigrants that worked to make America great.


Project Grant is an interdisciplinary, socially engaged artist residency program that hosts one artist at a time out of the artists' home.


The project creates a touring collaborative exhibition of paintings, videos and water data on the holy but polluted Bagmati River in Nepal.

I have been contacted by galleries to exhibition and representation. Please help me bring this into reality.