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Artist and writer Bob Flanagan's final masterwork, The Book of Medicine, has remained unpublished for twenty years. Help us print it.

All new compositions by Paul Speidel featuring the Jazz & Blues interactions and improvisations of his band captured before a live audience.

What is the sports fan experience? Many facets are revealed in this exploration of Cubs fans' 108-year quest for a World Series win.

Awaiting Oblivion..follows the story of AO, an anonymous street artist who has tasked Tim & Jeffrey with the creation of a performance.

The Emotional Body reveals detailed information on a remarkable physical method for emotion regulation and expanding expressive capability.

Our mission is to provide a platform that will help our veterans though communication and educate the public.

A massive art installation by Rebekah Waites that explores the concepts of time and space. Where did it all begin? When will it ever end?

"Rx For Waiting Rooms" is a two-pronged approach to "tame" hospital waiting rooms with a live music presentations and recorded music.

An investigative jazz musical that examines the experience of displacement—and our aspirations for the future—in Brooklyn and the nation.