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our goal is to create a film documentary and visual gallery series highlighting mental health topics of anxiety and depression.

Improvised Alchemy brings together diverse practices across genres to create socially-committed transmedia work.

Help me provide free housing to at-risk young adults artist in need.

Iconic west coast Hip Hop artist form the 80's, stylized hair design combine to show a ribbon of creativity with museum collection quality.

Contemporary art exhibition by artist John K. Melvin at the 1961 Art Hotel highlighting up-cycling strategies to overcome pollution.

FLUX- A mixed-media performance which incorporates various artistic elements such as dance, live painting, digital art, and design.

This is disaster management is a dance, a story, a collage of familiar-feeling situations. Help us bring it to new audiences/spaces/places!

Seven artists will elevate to the Oyam District, Uganda to learn and trade healing practices through cosmic artistic creation.

"BEYOND THE BADGE" will be a docudrama film about bringing awareness to police brutality and both sides of the badge.