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I am seeking your support to produce a new body of work for a solo exhibition in December.

With your generous contribution, Florida Dance Theatre will send five dancers to APAP Showcase January of 2015!!

This is a project using modern graphic design in a traditional, Japanese wood-block printing technique, with emphasis on color and space.

A debut feature film that will scare you silly and make you think about what it means to be alive.

Two consecutive retreats for female theatre directors of color will launch Fuller Road, a new artist residency in Vermont.

Publication and distribution of an artist's book containing narratives and images about internal and external landscapes, ecosystems.

We need to raise funding to produce the documentary Fightin' Outta Philly; The Sweet Science of Boxing.

A documentary exploring the meaning of the once and future art of puppetry, specifically European puppetry, in the 21st Century.

Artist in Residency, October 2015-Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venice, Italy Concept: A Matter of Alchemy