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by Alea

a l e a is a singer songwriter based in New York with a latin folk jazz sound, her New Album is out of the oven and ready to tour!

AIM Brain Exchange is raising funds youth and tech development programming.

An album of music from Command-X. Your support funds the production of the vinyl and buys you the music.

Armenian Genocide project is a multimedia theater piece consisting of a mimed text, music and paintings incorporated into the production.

I am hoping to receive $2500 USD to fund the production of new artwork to be exhibited in my international debut.

I have been working on a manuscript for my theory and practices, the Six Viewpoints, for over two decades.

I hope with this video, CD and DVD"s I will give someone hope. I want and want people to feel safe again and love each other.

I want to create a series of paintings and visual pieces to spread awareness and record what is happening in Venezuela.

It is a Short Road to the Firing Squad is a Senior thesis about Paul, who finds himself putting out fires after letting go employees.