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"Final Day" an original historical dramatic musical taking place in a German prison camp on May 7, 1945, the final day of WWII in Europe.

A project to commission several hours of piano music from Randy Gibson and Adrian Knight.

by Hilja Keading

Durfee Foundation Artists Resource for Completion (ARC) Grant

The Gospel According To This Moment is an immersive video installation, designed as a revelatory experience of the present.

Everyone comes to a crossroad. Join five unique women from one family as they explore everything from difficult relationships to identity.

Measuring g (design blocks) is a photographic project investigating the design block portion of and intelligence test.


The PJCE is raising money to support its 14-15 concert season! Help us to commission and perform new music for large jazz ensemble!

"fantasia upon…" explores the unstable nature of self identity and investigates how love is possible in this landscape of discontinuity.

Help us bring an end to suicide by telling a uniquely transformational story through spreading a message of unconditional love and courage.

Michele Miller/Alana O Rogers modus operandi - October 10-12, 2014 - Seattle, WA