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  • Michael Udow Orchestral CD Recording: 4 outstanding conductors, 4 orchestras, 4 superb soloists = employment of 309 professional musicians.
    7 Days Left
    $26,598 of $39,000 funded (68%)
  • Sing like no one is listening, LOVE LIKE YOU'VE NEVER BEEN HURT, dance like nobody's watching, and live like it's heaven on earth.”..
    14 Days Left
    $0 of $35,500 funded (0%)
  • This project documents the severe impacts of climate change upon the Heartland. I fear for the future of my two daughters and grandson.
    31 Days Left
    $10 of $24,820 funded (0%)
  • Hello my name is Jözef Sumichrast, and I need your help to complete my current sculpture project. My current project is “The Elevation Ser
    82 Days Left
    $50 of $25,000 funded (0%)
  • A musical about the Battle of Gettysburg
    15 Days Left
    $1,920 of $30,000 funded (6%)
  • The Future Present will create relatable connections with the perspectives of historical figures from the past, into our contemporary minds.
    41 Days Left
    $500 of $19,000 funded (2%)
  • by Hilja Keading

    Durfee Foundation Artists Resource for Completion (ARC) Grant

    The Gospel According To This Moment is an immersive video installation, designed as a revelatory experience of the present.
    36 Days Left
    $3,560 of $15,000 funded (23%)
  • by Carl Johnson

    Rasmuson Foundation Individual Artist Award

    This book project will help educate about Alaska's Bristol Bay and aid in protecting the region from large-scale mineral development.
    15 Days Left
    $675 of $18,500 funded (3%)
  • 2/3s of all firearm deaths in the USA are suicides. #BTH brings the numbers to the dinner table, looking at guns through a whole new lens.
    25 Days Left
    $110 of $20,000 funded (0%)