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Highly skilled combination of music performance and movement elements of yoga and gymnastics.

Untameable offers an immersive romp between a criminal den and a modern museum, where the audience must decide between love and diamonds.

Looking for funding to pay voice actors for an original romantic suspense Audible drama based on a Jack the Ripper copycat.

I want to go to La Porte Peinte in France, research the 1897 drowning of a family in Saint-Malo, France, and start writing a book about it.

Black Cubans are invisible in the biggest Cuban enclave outside Cuba: The Miami exile is white.

Fightin' Outta Philly is a boxing documentary that celebrates and explores the legendary Philadelphia boxer and boxing culture.

This new dance theater piece tells the story of three sisters struggling with addiction and strives to break the stigma attached!

MA Thesis travel to Ethiopia to conduct a study applying visual anthropology & media studies to document a fair trade coffee relationship.

A look at Christopher's Haven - a home for kids when cancer hits home - and how it has become the meeting place for many mini superheroes.