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by kasumi

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Shockwaves is the impressionistic story of two lovers, both victims of traumatized childhoods.  By weaving a unique cinematic tapestry out of archival found footage, modern cinematic techniques, and original dance choreography, the film follows the lovers’ journeys as each seeks answers to the origins of their abuse through a surrealistic Möbius strip of alternate realities, shifting times, and multiple dimensions.

Shockwaves reveals and explodes the walls separating mythology from experience, closing the gap between outward experience and inner thought. Driven by the image of a single act of violence  -- serially reinterpreted like fractals in a self-contained universe of intersecting realities and repercussions evolving into memory – Shockwaves probes the enigmatic influence of time and perception on reality. By integrating the present with the past and future, “Shockwaves” explores the lasting nature of abusive power and the emotional imprints it leaves behind, creating through individual and collective subconscious a symbolic, yet visceral, moment of human meaning that exists out of time.

"We walk the corridors, searching the shelves and rearranging them, looking for lines of meaning amid leagues of cacophony and incoherence, reading the history of the past and of the future collecting our thoughts and collecting the thoughts of others, and every so often, glimpsing mirrors, in which we may recognize creatures of the information."     Jorge Luis Borges...from “Labyrinths”

Funding from USA Projects will be used mainly for post-production aspects of the work, specifically:

COLORGRADING  (or color correction). This is the process of altering and enhancing the film media in order to establish the desired 'look' for Shockwaves and to unify the often, disparate media sources.  An excellent example of before and after colorgrading:

SOUND DESIGN AND SWEETENING is the process of creating, improving and manipulating various audio elements in a film. It is a crucial story-telling device in Shockwaves used to evoke emotion, reflect mood and underscore actions of the story. I’ve tried to evoke some of this sonic character in the Shockwaves trailer:

FINAL EDITING and MONTAGE is the process of correction, condensation, organization, and other fine-tuning modifications required to ultimately finish a motion picture.

If the goal is surpassed funds will be used towards additional 3D animation for the opening and end credit sequences, professional Blu-ray mastering as well as Digital Cinema Mastering to a format necessary for screening at major festival theaters.

All donors will receive status updates and the official Shockwaves festival postcard signed by the director.




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