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She: Bike/Spoke/Love


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Hi, my name is Tammy Gomez and I'm an urban bicyclist.  I live in Texas, a petroleum-oil-obsessed place, yet I don't own a car.  By choice.  As a published poet, award-winning playwright, and performance artist, I'm asking for your help in producing my bicycle theater play, SHE: BIKE/SPOKE/LOVE, in Austin Texas in 2012.  (See website at


To adapt my original script for touring and present this innovative work

in Austin--cast, bicycles, and all--I'm asking you to help me raise $8,200.  I plan to scale back the cast (from eleven to about eight performers) to increase touring viability and update scene locations to reflect future performance venues.  Video segments will be produced and edited and new performers cast and rehearsed.  Development of the marketing, promotion, and transportation (touring) plans will be done in conjunction with the Mexican American Cultural Center and bicycling clubs and communities in Austin, Texas.  A schedule for Bike/Spoke/Love dialogues/platicas, to be conducted with community youth and audience members, will also be created.  These will take place post-performance and at youth centers and bike-related venues.


SHE: BIKE/SPOKE/LOVE premiered on World Car Free Day 2007 in Fort Worth, Texas--to standing room only audiences--and received praise & kudos from audiences and critics alike: ("Extreme Production Fascinates With Variety" - Mark Lowry, Fort Worth Star-Telegram). Audience members were inspired to start bicycling again--for some it was the first time since childhood.   One woman went out and bought a bicycle after seeing my show, while an older audience member--who suffered from heart problems--told me he was going to dig his bike out of the garage and start riding again!  This play makes bicycling sexy: the grace and economy of human-powered transportation strikes audiences as both appealing and environmentally sensible.


It features onstage choreographed bicycling, a turntablist, spoken word, video projections, and a story about young people in an ethnic community who care about the future of the planet and  the greening of the barrios. This work has legs, it has wheels, and--with your support--I can take this work to the bike-friendly city of Austin where it can be performed where other bicyclists and the eco-conscious convene: along the hike and bike trail of Town Lake, in co-production with the Mexican American Cultural Center which is located just off this trail.


The dialogues/platicas component of this project will allow community members to speak directly with me as playwright/director, as well as cast members, about our commitment to "greening the barrio" and the importance of transportation alternatives in urban neighborhoods of color which often lack mass transit routes and safe parks or roadways for bicycling.


Thanks for any financial support you can offer to this project. I appreciate what you can do to keep SHE: BIKE/SPOKE/LOVE rolling on bike paths and the stage. A thousand thanks!  Mil gracias!


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    • March 02, 2011

      Ele Chupík

      Community Member

      I have been waiting for an opportunity to see this project first hand. I have heard so much about the original production and am thrilled that I may finally see it for myself, and hopefully, be involved in some way. Tammy Gomez is brilliant and her soul speaks truth through her work. If you haven't heard it yet, you' d do well, I assure you, to listen. <3
    • March 01, 2011


      Community Member

      Los Angeles, CA

      Right on with promoting cycling. I am an avid cyclist, and although not the purist you appear to be, I do try to cycle as much as possible. Best of luck
    • March 01, 2011

      Kira Maria Shewfelt


      Los Angeles, CA

      Keep it up Tammy! The cyclists are coming :)
    • February 28, 2011

      shakey "leg" sanchez

      Community Member

      I can't wait!!!
    • February 21, 2011

      Donna Hoffman

      Community Member

      Austin, TX

      She: Bike/Spoke/Love sold out in Fort Worth and we would love to see it in Austin. Tammy is one of the freshest voices I love to listen to. Full of chiles and love.
    • February 21, 2011

      Tamara V Ford

      Community Member

      Please add your support so that more people can be delighted and enlightened by the unique voice of Tammy Gomez.
    • December 16, 2010

      Kristina Wong


      Los Angeles, CA

      I never heard of your work before but I am in love! I also have no car (in Los Angeles!!!) and bike around-- by choice! I'm also a performance artist by choice, but sometimes I think it chose me. Good luck! You are one of the reasons Austin is so awesome. Love Kristina
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Tammy Gomez is a poet and playwright based in North Texas. Her work invites multimedia elements to the performance of literature.
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