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Rainbow Coalition


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Ray Santisteban is seeking support to cover production expenses on his one hour documentary RAINBOW COALITION. The project in currently in the middle of its production phase and is in need of additional funding in order to continue shooting additional interviews and footage in Chicago.


RAINBOW COALITION charts the history and legacy of a groundbreaking multi-ethnic coalition that rocked Chicago in the 1960s and forever altered the political landscape of the United States.  Comprised of activists from the Black Panthers, the Young Patriots, Rising up Angry, and the Young Lords, Chicago’s Rainbow Coalition (1969-1972) united poor African Americans, whites, and Latinos to openly challenge Mayor Richard Daley’s political machine and protest substandard housing in one of the most segregated cities in postwar America.


What began as a drive to achieve a voice for poor communities quickly grew into a formidable political movement, attracting the support of other disenfranchised groups and the attention of a threatened Chicago political machine determined to destroy it.  


Told through rare archival footage and the personal stories of its members and contemporary political leaders, this one-hour documentary recounts the dramatic history of the Rainbow Coalition which collapsed after the assassination of Black Panther Fred Hampton and considers its significant impact on the political platforms and future voter outreach campaigns of Chicago politicians like Mayor Harold Washington, Congressman Bobby Rush, Jesse Jackson, Sr., and President Barak Obama.


A thought-provoking film that sparks new dialogue about the legacy of the 1960s, RAINBOW COALITION considers how young activists today can work together to confront the problems facing their diverse communities.


Please help support this important documentary at this critical stage in its production. 


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    • February 14, 2011

      Roberto Gudino

      Community Member

      Just donated! Best of luck Ray!
    • February 09, 2011

      Paul Wozniak

      Community Member

      I have relevant audio, video oral histories that you can use any way you like....Paul 847-401-3970
    • February 08, 2011

      Vicky Funari

      Community Member

      Good luck, Ray!
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Ray Santisteban is a San Antonio based documentary filmmaker and media artist. His work often explores art or politics.