Portable Expressions



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Portable Expressions is an evolution of my Suspended Thoughts installation art series. It continues my work in the development of establishing a static interactive experience for observers of this art. I have presented several versions of this series around the world. Similarly, Portable Expressions will take place in New York City, Amsterdam and Paris. 

This outdoor art installation consisting of three to four large-scale pieces with several suspended by wire, offers viewers an opportunity to become participants. Through multiple modes of interaction, you can independently touch elements and rearrange them in any given pattern. This installation is constructed in a method that integrates with and compliments its host space. Sometimes my ‘suspended’ style artworks have been referred to as “portable graffiti”. This is a result of the stylized art’s ability to enhance a setting without permanently altering it's environment.

This installation uses a mix of fine art painting, graphic and conceptual design and sculptural elements. The host outdoor space serves as a foundation for the canvas. I often begin by planting a pre-rendered graphic design image of my Pleasant Spaceman graphic to represent the optimism of the future and go from there. Other elements include natural and inorganic imagery.

My mission is to engage all, and specifically young, people in critical thinking; to question the order and structure of their environment and to consider how they may actualize their own personal understanding of creative expression and their role in defining the environment in which they live. 

Your contributions will help secure a suitable outdoor space, art materials, and the ability to re-create Portable Expressions in Amsterdam and Paris.

Your support and commitment to this kind of static interactive art is greatly appreciated!

PS: Your donations are tax-deductible!


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