Perspective: Africa & Middle East

by Leigh Barrett


The world is entering a new paradigm in reportage: we’re seeing fake news on the rise, political shenanigans with unanticipated results, and an increase in peace AND conflict in various regions of our planet. Integrity in journalism is getting harder to find – and especially covering globally important regions like Africa and the Middle East.

In 2016, Perspective Publications introduced ‘Perspective: Africa’, a journal featuring essays, op-eds, reviews, and photojournalism focusing on this often neglected continent. We don't do 'news', but instead prefer to take a deeper dive into the context of the issues. Our contributors are asked to write accessible stories that can reach a wider audience than some of the more ‘academic’ journals that are available - and we succeeded.

Not only did we feature excellent writing, but some of the world’s most honored photojournalists submitted their work to be featured. Details of the contents of each volume can be seen on our website, and include essays by former CIA officer, Jack Rice, South African activist John GI Clarke, and Grammy winning producer, Ian Brennan. We have worked with African Eyes photojournalist, Max Bastard, Noor's Stanley Greene, James Whitlow Delano, Anthony Karen, Mario Cruz/FotoEvidence, and our first 2017 issue will feature images by Ed Kashi. These are professionals whose work is usually seen in publications like National Geographic, New York Times, Time magazine, and more. The video above shows a sample of some of the excellent images already featured in 'Perspective: Africa'.

All volumes are released in full color print, black/white print, and full color digital options, and sold on Amazon, CreateSpace, and Kindle sites, in all major currencies and in a price range to fit all pockets. A full color digital PDF download is made available directly from the Perspective Publications website.

In 2017, we’re looking to expand that focus to include another vitally important region: the Middle East, and there’s no doubt the world is discovering just how crucial it is to start understanding what is going on there, as well as in Africa.

For our first three issues, contributors were not paid, but that must change. As advocates of journalism and knowing how difficult freelance work can be, it is time to shift our business model out of survival mode and start compensating our valued talent for their work. We are currently based in South Africa, so foreign currency goes much further, and our overheads are kept purposely low.

The world needs long-form journalism to better understand the issues of the day and with your support, we can keep bringing you a top quality publication you can display on your coffee table, or read online. Please help us keep quality journalism on the map.

Thank you for your support.

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