One Word Mental Health: Anxiety and Depression



 One-word series is a 529 Arts Avenue’s premier series that takes on topics of thought-provoking and engaging subjects ranging from social justice to emotion and expression. We do this by picking a subject then gathering a group of individuals from various upbringings, ethnicities, and backgrounds and interview them on the subject word in their perspective. In these interviews, we record their response then create a documentary film followed by our interpretations of what we watched into a body of visual narrative. (Illustrations, paintings, etc.) Turning them into art from our perspective. For this One word Project we will be taking on the topic of Mental Health: Anxiety and Depression We are seeking a minimum of 5,000 which will cover the raw expenses for film production, artist stipends, and exhibition space.

Why one word?

This project relates to our original one-word series project Identity which took on the topic of Identity. We interviewed males of different races and backgrounds on identity and how it defined them through a documentary short followed by a series of Illustrations interpreting their responses and stories.

We have felt that when it comes to certain subjects there's always mixed interpretations or points of view that are all valid, yet you never really take the time to see how differently people can view a word or how many different meanings they can derive from it.One word, various perspectives, ideals, and impact. That one word can be the world to someone and mean nothing to the next. Words have the power to convey a message far greater than the word itself. 

Our goal is to create a short feature film based on the interviews of participants who have Anxiety and Depression followed by a series of art pieces reflecting their interviews symbolizing their words and their story. For this project we will be bringing in various artists to participate. 529 Arts Avenue will also be fully documenting the process and journey throughout this series from Interviews, artist and participant interactions/engagement all the way to exhibition, where we will host an event in honor of the NYC local organizations that help and support mental health with majority proceedings to those organizations in honor of their contributions.

How we plan to execute:

First, we will begin gathering artists from our 529 Arts Avenue community to participate in our project and provide them a paid stipend for their contributions thus, supporting the local artist for their efforts, time, and well-crafted creativity. Next, we will gather a film and production crew to record, capture and produce our journey and process of the whole project. From start to finish including artist, and participant interviews, engagement, planning as well as artistic creation of pieces giving our audience and you the chance to see behind the scenes of a creative story and how it’s put together.

After obtaining a crew we will outsource and begin recruiting participants who have depression and anxiety and begin the interview process there will be two teams headed by us that will start interviewing the focus groups.

Most importantly we will be securing exhibition space for the show as we already have secured an interview space and work space which will be our base of operations for this project. The  exhibition space will need to include a large projector the film screening and will need to be spacious enough for the 24 pieces of art based on the 24 participants and 24 artists (ourselves included as contributing artists.)

This project will also have an exclusive web page and newsletter for news and updates concerning the project. 


How you can help!

Through your support of 5,000 1,200 of which will go to securing the Exhibition space for our event. The following 2,200 (excluding ourselves) will go towards artist stipends to compensate our creatives. 1,200 will go to video production and editing of the entire project from conception through completion. and the reamining $400 to marketing.

In the event that we overfund our project, We will be able to cover more detailed costs such as:

Food and catering,


Entertainment live dance, music, performances

Projection system.

Larger marketing outreach/press release

Please help us achieve our goal and spark a thought-provoking and engaging conversation on Mental health awareness and through this show will we will also contribute to bringing a newer light and keep this conversation going for a long time to come. 

 We here at 529 Arts Avenue, would like to sincerely thank you for taking the time to read and consider our project and story. 

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