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This project was successfully funded on May 25, 2013

NEW [a short film]

by John Harden


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The idea for NEW was sparked by an article about people who pay thousands of dollars to have their bodies cryonically preserved (stored in liquid nitrogen) after death, in the hope that future medical technology will restore them to life. It was a fascinating look into people’s beliefs about mortality and identity, their attitudes about their current lives, and their plans to live another.

There are rules to life, the first of which may be "one to a customer." But imagine if technology were to change that rule, restoring youth and re-defining death. In NEW, this comes to pass. It poses some challenges for our main characters.

NEW will run roughly 12 minutes. The short film will stand alone as a story, but also serve as proof-of-concept for a feature film I'm writing now. NEW is ambitious, with multiple locations and some elaborate special effects. We plan a 7-day shoot, on cinema-resolution video gear (Arri Alexa or RED camera). Actors and crew will be paid a small daily wage, as we push for pro-level production values on every front. Your contribution will also help pay for costumes, props, some set construction, original music, special effects, and post-production (edit, color correction and sound mix).

In writing NEW, I feel I've managed to hit a sweet spot between the visionary science fiction that fired my imagination as a kid, and the character-driven storytelling that makes sense to me now. I'm thrilled to be making this film and feel it will be unlike anything I've done before.

If we exceed our minimum goal, additional funds will be put to good use: NEW demands we create an immersive “future” environment. Extra dollars will only help. Beyond that, there are real expenses involved in submitting a film on the festival circuit, the primary avenue where a short film finds its audience.

If you can make a contribution of any size, thank you. If you’re unable to donate, you can still help by telling people about our project. Please forward or post a link to our page, to anyone you think may be interested in what we’re doing. Thank you.

Writer/Director John Harden 

John's work has aired nationwide on PBS and won awards at top-tier festivals around the world. You can see his complete bio here.

Producer Don R. Lewis

Don's producer credits include feature films HOLY GHOST PEOPLE (which screened to sold-out crowds at this years South by Southwest Film Festival) and THE VIOLENT KIND, which screened at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010. He is also a documentary filmmaker, and writes about film for

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    • May 05, 2013 Mysti and Dale Berry Community Member

      Good luck John!!!!!

      • July 04, 2015 cenzhutgtktc Community Member

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    • April 12, 2013 John Harden Artist

      Thanks for having a look at our project. If you donate, and do not receive a confirmation email, your payment did not go through. Please contact and they will assist you. Thanks again!

    • April 08, 2013 Julie Day Community Member

      Wishing you the very best with New!! If our music is a fit, please contact us Julie Scott Day

    • April 03, 2013 James Bisso Community Member

      Looks like Don's middle initial is "R" according to IMDB,