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For the past three years, I have been transitioning from gallery work to making public art. I have been using weathered mild steel. I would like to expand my practice to include stainless steel for the longevity of the work. 

My project, Eye See You, explores the world of fashion eyewear as a trigger for memories of time and place. Every period in history has had its fashion eyewear.  If you see a pair of rectangular glasses you might think, Ben Franklin. Then your mind transports you to that time and place. I have scaled up the objects to draw attention to them in the public realm.

Over the next year I will produce two pairs of 5x15 foot stainless steel and glass glasses for public exhibition. I am asking for $10,000.00 to purchase stainless steel and a trailer to move the work. If my project is overfunded, I will purchase more stainless steel to expand my project. I would ultimately like to produce a body of six works to exhibit nationally. 


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I am a sculptor looking for transitional funding from gallery work to public art.
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