Adaptive Environments


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     My goal for the Vermont Studio Center Artist residency is to experiment with the tangible and ethereal qualities of materials and objects to explore their meanings in contemporary culture. I propose to design and fabricate responsive sculptural studies and everyday objects that gain focus and precision through an immersion into their intended landscape and our shifting life patterns. Today’s overlapping boundaries within our live, work and play activities will be explored through the “Adaptive Environment” project.

     Currently, I am focused on making actual experience physical, continuous, and not figurative. It is possible not to possess objects, but it is impossible not to have experience. My goal for the residency is to experiment with the physical qualities of materials and objects to explore their meanings in contemporary culture. Through the VSC Residency, I will discover, create, and exhibit photographs, drawings, and products exploring the standardized increments that bracket our lives, and the experiences therein, in order to seek out what makes us truly unique individuals.

     Intuition and Logic, both sense and sense-making tools, are skills that can be applied across diverse spheres of action such as science, math, design and art. These experiences engage the viewer in a process of focused imagination, which leads them through the landscape of ideational space that is common to every man. This project positions the creative process at the intersection of Design and Art, merging what oftentimes appear as divergent paths. I will search for the users place within my process as it moves between Sculptural Studies, Product Design, and Architecture.

     My final work will include “Photographic Captures”,  “Absolute/Variable” Studies, and “Every-Day” product designs.  The goal of creating drawings, prototypes, and a series of models will inform and occupy the space created.  The cross-pollination from the range of media explored will be collected into a book and website of process-based images and writings.   Future exhibitions will shed light on the many facets behind the design development process.

     In order to help fund the project, I have already reduced the cost of the residency by 1/2 through the Artist/Writers Grant  and the work exchange program with the Vermont Studio Center.  The money I raise on USA Projects will go towards the remaining residency fees, travel expenses, shipping costs, and tools/supplies.  Any extra money I raise will go towards an artist honorarium. 

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A personal thank you postcard and email updates from me while at the 2013 Vermont Studio Residency
All of the above, plus an electronic image capture from my residency that you can use as a background for a cell phone, tablet, or computer.
All of the above, plus you will receive a hand crafted H+O letter opener/organizer and mahogany stir stick product.
You will receive an AV Design/Sculptural study selected from amongst 3 chosen on the In-Form section of the website
You will receive one as yet to be discovered sculptural/design study from my VSC residency.
You will receive a limited edition Spin coffee table selected from the project section of the website.
All of the above, plus a studio visit after my residency spending a day exploring Cleveland’s many offerings. *transportation not included
Ohio Arts Council Award for Individual Artists
Michel Ina's sculptural studies, furniture pieces, and product designs address issues of balance, measure, and time.
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