New Mexico Arts Commission

New Mexico Arts is the state arts agency and a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs. Our primary function is to provide financial support for arts services and programs to non-profit organizations statewide and to administer the 1% public art program for the state of New Mexico.

The mission of New Mexico Arts is to stimulate opportunities for artists, arts organizations, and other groups for activities or projects to provide artistic or cultural services to the state, to maintain and encourage artistic excellence, and to promote awareness of and access to the arts for all of the people of New Mexico.

Help us support these projects.

A multimedia performance at Edinburgh Fringe confronting the disturbing beauty and profound devastation of war.

8 Days Left
$1,270 of $20,000 funded (6%)
The Footprints of Other-Worldly Steps

45 Days Left
$659 of $50,576 funded (1%)

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