We’re not putting words in their mouths.

[Hatchfund] is so simple and effective. The feedback  was immediate and informative. Thanks to [Hatchfund], we have a way of building and maintaining these important relationships. This is the life-blood of socially engaged artwork.

Dan Hurlin

New York, NY   

[Hatchfund's] over-and-above support includes something akin to a professional partnership, well beyond the traditional artist-to-funder relationship.

Chris Jonas

USA Simon Fellow
Santa Fe, NM   

It was not easy for me to put together and fund my [Hatchfund] project, but it would have been impossible without the continuous guidance and patience of the project staff.

Wesley McNair

USA Ford Fellow

I had been struggling to complete a film project that was very close to my heart and [Hatchfund] provided me with a forum that enabled me to share my vision and to successfully reach and exceed my fund-raising goals.

Wu Man

USA Broad Fellow

Through [Hatchfund] I exceeded my fundraising goal for the first phase of my film project. While the campaign provided an invaluable jump start to funding my project, the experience has included layers of unanticipated, added value.

Dayna Hanson

USA Oliver Fellow
Seattle, WA   

What I didn't realize is that I had very generous fans where I least expected them.  I activated creativity in my fundraising I didn't know was possible.



Kristina Sheryl Wong

National Performance Network (NPN) Creation Fund
Los Angeles, CA   

[Thanks to Hatchfund] for providing me the opportunity and the support to raise funds for my project. Without your help, I'm not sure I would not have been able to fund this project.

Emily Cheng

Pollock-Krasner Grant
New York, NY   

I was truly astounded at the outpouring of support—not just financially but also emotionally. Who knew? I never would have without having done my fundraiser through [Hatchfund].

Judith Schaechter

USA Rockefeller Fellow

The experience of fundraising on [Hatchfund] has proved to be an incredible boost to my practice as an artist. I am humbled by all of this recognition and felt that I owed you an enormous and heartfelt THANK YOU.

Jaime Permuth

NALAC Fund for the Arts
Brooklyn, NY   

One of the valuable things that I got from this endeavor, was losing my fear to ask. To succeed I had to rise above that fear and dive in head first. And as they say the rest is history.  

Teo Castellanos

National Performance Network (NPN) Creation Fund

The idea of asking people for help made me feel uncomfortable. The incredible initial response from [Hatchfund] was just what I needed to move forward and remain positive. I felt like I was part of a team, something bigger than me, and being supported... was thrilling! 

Amy Tavern

Penland Resident Artists Program
Penland, NC   

We want to thank [Hatchfund] for leading the way in building a new model for successful online fundraising. 

Edgar Dirk Arceneaux

USA Broad Fellow

I can't thank you all enough for the support. The love. The encouragement. The understanding that the work that I do is important even if it can't be hung easily on a wall.

Rob Andrews

Franklin Furnace Fund
Brooklyn, NY   

In our current economic and cultural moment, it is imperative that artists become responsible for the business of their art, as well as for its creation. [Hatchfund] is a well-run organization that puts artists' needs at the center. It provides serious resources through a thoughtful, pragmatic, personalized, user-friendly program, and supports artists in taking control of one of the most challenging aspects of their field--raising money.

Nancy Lynn Keystone

California Community Foundation Fellow
Los Angeles, CA   

Twenty projects have been funded, enabling artists to leverage more than $160,220 in value through CCF’s $20,000 in matching contributions. The impact of CCF’s grant was greater than if we had awarded the same dollars individually. The fundraising training provided by [Hatchfund] will have long-lasting benefits to artists throughout their careers.

Leslie Ito

Los Angeles, CA   

The one-on-one sessions guiding me through the process were invaluable.

Carley Conder

City of Tempe Development Commission
Tempe, AZ   

The [Hatchfund] team was really supportive.

Cory Tamler

CEC ArtsLink Projects
Brooklyn, NY   

At the end of the day not only did we raise my goal, we ended up raising more than our goal.

Koji Steven Sakai

Film Independent Project: Involve
Pasadena, CA   

[Hatchfund] was so wonderful because of the organization and support they provided me.

Cheryl Green

Regional Arts and Culture Council (Portland, OR) Project Grants (individuals only)
Portland, OR   

In the end, I raised more money than I ever expected.

Helen Young

Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Emmy Award (for artists)
New York, NY   

I would not have been able to successfully raise the amount of money that my project received without the national platform that [Hatchfund] offers. Having my own project manager, Stephany C., available to me at all times to answer questions, to lean on and strategize with was essential to my success.

Sharon Bridgforth

Los Angeles, CA   

As if you guys aren't doing enough just by existing and hosting and coaching and all of that, you've now gone the extra mile [by giving access to the Open Match Fund].

Joan Dempsey

Elizabeth George Foundation Grant
New Gloucester, ME   

I simply can't imagine [Hatchfund] being more useful. Because of Hatchfund, my idea - my dream - became a reality.

Cat Urbigkit

Wyoming Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship
Pinedale, WY   

[Hatchfund was] terrifically helpful. Providing a space for me, as a single artist, to allow my contributors to make tax-deductible donations made a big difference.

Lillian Meredith

New York, NY   

Hatchfund taught me that is is OK to ask for what you want and need for a project... simple as that!

Jennifer Taub Gwillim

Encino, CA   

Hatchfund provided a credible, professional, easy-to-use, and reputable platform to create a fundraising campaign.

Shizu Saldamando

California Community Foundation Fellowships for Visual Artists
Los Angeles, CA   

Hatchfund was an enormous help in realizing this project. The one-on-one support with fundraising techniques was invaluable.

Michael Patrick Rioux

Harrisburg, PA   

[Hatchfund] encouraged and gave great feedback in project advancement and achievement.

Langford Barksdale

Aspen, CO   

[Hatchfund] helped organize the process in a clear way for me to have the project successfully funded and complete.

Kellie Ann Cox

Silver Spring, MD   

[Hatchfund] staff were very helpful, especially in the process of setting up the project for online fundraising. They are also very helpful with their more general advice about fundraising.

Stephanie Thibeault

Arkansas Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship
Little Rock, AR   

I never would have understood any of the steps or put together such a well-organized, well-directed fundraiser without [Hatchfund] planning tools.

Cheryl Green

Regional Arts and Culture Council (Portland, OR) Project Grants (individuals only)
Portland, OR   

I couldn't have raised the funds without [Hatchfund].

Adam Berenson

American Composers Forum Subito Grant
Conshohocken, PA   

[Hatchfund] helped us conceptualize the budget, which in turn helped us put a realistic shape to the project. More importantly, [Hatchfund] helped us mobilize our community of supporters.

Y York

Seattle, WA   

I really appreciated the support and flexibility provided by [my Hatchfund] project manager. She was great!

Miguel Garcia

South El Monte, CA   

[Hatchfund] sets itself apart from the other very often used crowd funding sites. That really helps make our project special. Also, to have such a present and helpful representative assisting us. Thank you Stephany, [my Hatchfund project manager], who took any trepidation out of the process.

Ken Roht

Los Angeles, CA   

Hatchfund was amazing! I felt very supported and the one-on-one conversations and tips for realizing our goal was really incredible. I had no idea how thorough this organization is!

[Hatchfund] is a valuable platform for dedicated artists. Providing mentorship in the process of launching the campaign as well as a tax deduction to my contributors helped greatly!

Jennifer Kramer

IFP Independent Film Labs
Minneapolis, MN   

Hatchfund helped us to generate excitement about our project and get the word out in the community.

[Hatchfund] support service kept me focused and they gave some good incentives to get the ball rolling.

Hatchfund's artist-centered philosophy, matching funds and fee-free services are an incredible gift to help move any artist towards their goals.

Christopher Kaui Morgan

Native Arts and Cultures Foundation Artist Fellowship
Rockville, MD   

Without Hatchfund we never would have realized our goal.

Stephen Edward Parry

Chicago, IL   

I have already recommended Hatchfund to two other artists!

Laurie Sefton

Center for Cultural Innovation (CCI) Artists' Resource for Completion (ARC)
Los Angeles, CA   

[Hatchfund] is professionally and aesthetically designed and this combined with the focus on artists' projects helps build confidence in donors that they are supporting a legitimate cause.

Luke Leonard

New York, NY   

I have already told all my artist friends how great Hatchfund is and they need to look into it for their projects.

Shaun Dougherty

Wilmington, DE   

Without Hatchfund my ballet would not have happened!

Shaun Dougherty

Wilmington, DE   

I could not have completed this project without Hatchfund. AIM was the single largest stream of funding.

Mallory Catlett

New York, NY   

I thought the whole process was wonderful.

John Fetzer

Sedona, AZ   

Hatchfund gave me the confidence and backing to go for it and believe in myself and the fact that my project was worthy. The support on the front end was great.

Robert Minervini

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts Artist-in-Residence Fellowship
San Francisco, CA   

[Hatchfund] is an elegant, accessible place for me to share updates and media related to my work—and learn about other artists' accomplishments.

Dayna Hanson

USA Oliver Fellow
Seattle, WA   

I couldn't have done it without you!

David F. Stock

Guggenheim Fellowship
Pittsburgh, PA   

A great fundraising platform and community!

Sara J Vanderbeek

Austin, TX   

I could have never raised the necessary funds without [Hatchfund]. Nor would I have been able to create a support network so quickly.

Edward Stapleton

Round Rock, TX   

I would not have been able to afford this project without Hatchfund and without this project I would not have produced any work outside of an academic setting. I have already recommended [Hatchfund] to many of my artistic peers.

Melanie Reese

Port Washington , NY   

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, and ongoing support and enthusiasm for the project.

Agnes Murray

Bronx Council on the Arts BRIO Fellowship
Bronx, NY   

None of this work would have been possible without the support of the Hatchfund. The fund has played an invaluable role in helping me to realize my vision of the project. I have recommended Hatchfund to a number of other artists.

Coleman Ann Hough

Santa Monica, CA   

I already have suggested that other artists I know use [Hatchfund] to help fund projects. It couldn't be easier.

Emily Tschiffely

Mississippi Arts Commission Artist Fellowship
Merigold, MS   

The support and encouragement of the Hatchfund team was exceptional.

Jay Stern

New York, NY   

[Hatchfund] pushed me to raise much more than I have ever raised through individual fundraising. I also appreciated personalized help from the staff.

Laura V Napier

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Swing Space
Bronx, NY   

The personal help on the phone was really great, and the fact that I could speak to people about how to best utilize our bigger sponsors with matching funds was very helpful.

Andrew Jordan Smith

Sundance Institute Directors Lab
Missoula, MT   

Getting the funding from Hatchfund made it easy for me to go the extra mile and make my show the very best.

John Kilduff

Van Nuys, CA   

We could not have done this season without the support provided by Hatchfund's  framework. It is significantly better for a group like us than any other crowd-sourcing site.

Jason Barabba

American Composers Forum Subito Grant
Los Angeles, CA   

I definitely would use Hatchfund again for personal or professional projects. I especially appreciated the timely, professional support person that was assigned to my project, Erin Cooper.

Eve Ellis-Carlson

Vancouver, WA   

I always recommend Hatchfund for funding arts specific projects. The support consultations are excellent.

James Thatcher

Cobleskill, NY   

Hatchfund gave me just enough support to push me to get things done, the coaching was great, the money was in my account when needed, and the matching funds were a great benefit.

Samantha Hookway


I was a bit afraid to crowdfund at first but felt that this was the only way I could pull this project off. Hatchfund was supportive in all the ways I needed.

Samantha Hookway


Hatchfund gave us an easy and professional way to solicit funds as well as connect with donors to show our appreciation and keep them abreast of the residencies' activities. The Hatchfund staff were able to think out of the box to tailor [their] program to our residency.

Frederick Fulmer

Venice, CA   

The Hatchfund fundraising campaign gave support to our residency program in many ways. It gave us visibility to people and organizations that we would not have been able to reach on our own.

Frederick Fulmer

Venice, CA   

Oh my goodness, just the fact that you email and actually talk to artists through this process is amazing; it's nothing like the anonymous experience of a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign.

Adelina Anthony

Santa Barbara, CA   

The matching funds that Hatchfund provided were extremely helpful. The staff was very helpful and very quick to respond and help with any of my questions.

Jody Kuehner

Seattle, WA   

I appreciated all of the input from Hatchfund on my project video and how to make my campaign a success.

Rachel S

Charlottesville, VA   

Because of the [support] through Hatchfund, audience interest and turnout was increased. I recommend Hatchfund... there is no cost for artists.

John Beeman

Half Moon Bay, CA   

Hatchfund was completely instrumental in teaching us how to fundraise, offering tips along the way, and making a large daunting task seem not so crazy. You guys are truly truly awesome. We couldn't have done this without you.

Daria Miyeko Marinelli

Hartsdale, NY   

My experience with Hatchfund exceeded all of my expectations and it's been especially great to work with you, Erin. Katherine and I had a million balls in the air with "The Moon Reader." We really appreciate your guidance and enthusiasm.

Teresa Jaynes

Philadelphia, PA   

Significant help from Hatchfund staff every step of the way in the fundraising. We surpassed our fundraising goals, enabling us to pay dancers for additional rehearsal time.

Neil David Greenberg

New York, NY   

I could not have done this without the support of Hatchfund as I did not have the funds to do this myself. THANK YOU for helping to make artists dreams come true!

Jane Castillo

City of LA Cultural Affairs Department COLA Award
San Pedro, CA   

I would never have been able to afford the residency without the support from my backers, Hatchfund gave me a legitimate platform to fund raise the costs of the residency.

Adam Ledford

Center for Craft, Creativity and Design Windgate Fellowship Award
Philadelphia, PA   

Hatchfund [was] very supportive of [my] project and gave me the perfect platform to help realize the goal.

Eric Lane Barnes

Seattle, WA   

Hatchfund [was] very supportive of [my] project and gave me the perfect platform to help realize the goal.

Eric Lane Barnes

Seattle, WA   

It was Hatchfund that pushed me with deadlines and incentives to keep going when it looked like I would never reach my goal. Stephany always answered my questions so quickly and completely. I felt I was in good hands during the entire process.


I will be as bold as to say that without the support of AIM Hatchfund, this project would not have been fully realized. You all rock and I want to send a special thanks to Stephany, who walked along side me in this process. Thank you to Hatchfund for ALL you do to advocate for artists.