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Hatchfund is where dreams are born. And Realized.

In total, we’ve helped artists raise more than $12M* in essential funding. And that figure rises every day.

This money has helped an incredible number of artistic visions to be realized. Over 1225*, in fact. We are enabling America's finest artists spanning every creative discipline to captivate and inspire countless people around the world. Over 75%* of our artists secure the funding they need.

That’s right. 75%*. You will not find a success rate like that anywhere else.

We attribute this success rate to our diligent vetting process, our 1-on-1 support and the wealth of educational resources we offer to each of our artists. At Hatchfund, we are dedicated to empowering artists and equipping them with everything they need to succeed.

Create your own success story with us.

If you’re an artist, you are more likely to realize your artistic dreams here at Hatchfund. So join us and start building your own success story today.

* As of 8 1 2016

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The support and encouragement of the Hatchfund team was exceptional.

Jay Stern |  | New York, NY

I would never have been able to afford the residency without the support from my backers, Hatchfund gave me a legitimate platform to fund raise the costs of the residency.

Adam Ledford | Center for Craft, Creativity and Design Windgate Fellowship Award  | Philadelphia, PA

Because of the [support] through Hatchfund, audience interest and turnout was increased. I recommend Hatchfund... there is no cost for artists.

John Beeman |  | Half Moon Bay, CA


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