Meet the artists who call Hatchfund home

Below, you'll meet some of our amazing artists. Each one is recognized as an accomplished artist in their field for their outstanding work.

We insist on the finest artistic talent in America. And that's what sets us apart. Each artist here has been vetted by our team and many partners. Many of them have come here through personal invitations extended by existing members.

You'll only find artists of this caliber on Hatchfund. So, without further ado, let's meet them.

  • Art Matters Grant

    Stephanie Skura is a choreographer, director, & writer who's been creating innovative interdisciplinary performance work for thirty years.

  • Andrew Russell is a director, producer, and writer based in Seattle, whose focus is on celebrating outsiders and those on the fringe.

  • I never stop until I reach my goal!

  • Sounds inspired by the mysteries of God and life.

  • 55 year old model art building fan whose projects have aided in the saving and rebuilding of Historical Landmarks.

  • I'm a writer and director using social media to help create and promote social justice projects

  • Lauren Godla is a dancer, director, acro yogi and the grateful friend to the rivers, forests and people of this beautiful world.

  • The Hopefuls are a theatrical punk band. We mock the candidates, supporting characters, and issues surrounding the 2016 election.

  • I am a wounded veteran turned jewelry designer: I create one-of-a-kind fine jewelry using precious metals and gemstones.