Meet the artists who call Hatchfund home

Below, you'll meet some of our amazing artists. Each one is recognized as an accomplished artist in their field for their outstanding work.

We insist on the finest artistic talent in America. And that's what sets us apart. Each artist here has been vetted by our team and many partners. Many of them have come here through personal invitations extended by existing members.

You'll only find artists of this caliber on Hatchfund. So, without further ado, let's meet them.

  • Timothy Braun is a writer living in Austin, TX with his dog, Dusty-Danger.

  • Guggenheim Fellowship

    COMPOSER commissioned and performed around the world. 25 CDs, 12 all-Zaimont. Symphony, choral/vocal, solo, chamber opera - and ragtime!

  • Looking to change the face of dance in Miami by bridging the gap between the recreational, competitive, and professional dance worlds.

  • I am a VISIONARY, raising the bar as an entertainer/recording artist; I will make a difference in the world, bringing inspiration with music

  • Through the purchase of a kiln and building, this project will promote personal, student, and community growth in the arts.

  • A "working" painter. Generous, kind and intelligent. A good sense of humor and mature perspective. Well rounded and disciplined. Realized.

  • Rene Gimpel was a man with everything and gave it all up to follow his conscience. This is a story of bravery, war and stolen art.

  • Pat Catterson has choreographed 107 works, dances for and assists Yvonne Rainer, and is compelled to make art and to dance everyday.

  • As a writer-filmmaker I am most attracted to stories that deal with the perception and interpretation of reality.